Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swap Post

Sheila over at Style Agent 909 has a great idea -- an online swap-party.  From now until Saturday night, you can offer any items for a swap by posting pictures of them on your blog and linking to her blog (where she'll mention your blog).  Sheila's explanation for the party is here.

What we're doing is offering items to others in the hope we can swap with something they have.  You don't have to participate in the party to make a swap, but partiers get first dibs.

I have five items to offer, shown here, and beneath them is my wish-list.

1. This pretty animal-print purse has never been used.  I enjoy looking at it but, as you know, I seldom have the chance to actually go outside so it sits neglected.  Someone, please take this beauty out for a walk!

2. Next is a gorgeous necklace.  The photo doesn't show it accurately, so let me remedy that by saying it is gold in color and the little balls attached to it look like clear yellow resin.  The necklace is much golder than the picture depicts.

3. The next item is an orange top with hip-ruffles.  It's made by Charlotte Russe and is size Large.  The first picture shows it flat, which is weird, so I'm including a second picture showing what it looks like on somebody (me!).  It was only worn once for a short photoshoot.  It's in virtually new condition.


4. My hands are big.  Too big.  When I buy jewelry or clothes, the first thing I check is to see if the material stretches.  If it doesn't, I'm in trouble.  I have two nice bangles which, try as I might, I cannot squeeze my hand into.  Thus, they've never been worn.  The top one, which was a gift from Lynne, looks like wood.  The bottom one is glittery red plastic.

5. My fifth and final offering is a Halloween costume.  Pretty cheerleader outfit, with matching jacket.  The size says Small but I could squeeze into it so it'll fit medium-sized gals, too.  Worn only once for a photoshoot.

Now for my Wish List!

1. I'd like any feminine clothes.  While I'm large, I'm used to squeezing into small clothing.  If material stretches, I'm game.  I also like costumes of any kind, including dancewear.

2. I can also use any color of nail-polish.

3. Jewelry: necklaces; bracelets; rings; clip-on earrings.

4. I'm not optimistic enough to believe any gal out there has size-12 shoes, so I'll leave that dream in the box where it resides...

Come join the party!

SWAP NOTE: The zebra purse is gone!  Swapped to Gracie for a sundress.


  1. I have been seeing this in the blog world. Interesting idea... If only I can part from my stuff. I have to think about it.
    I like that satin jacket you have. Very Sandra Dee.

  2. Awesome idea. Do you think joining from Finland would be okay?


    1. I'm sure you can, Lara. All the party is doing is linking up two people who want to share. If you make clear to the other person where you are, then you'll quickly see if they don't mind shipping internationally. I ship internationally to several friends all the time and don't mind that at all.

  3. Ally, I'd wear that cheerleading outfit in a minute if I hadn't already planned on being a cave woman this Halloween.
    BTW, you can add a link to your blog on my site by clicking on that little blue tab at the bottom of my post. It will allow you to choose a picture of one of your items to show up on my post. But I'll link back by using your name too.
    Thanks so much for coming.

  4. P.s. I see size 12 shoes now and then. If you like I can pick them up for you and send you a picture. If you decide you don't like them, no problem, I'll either donate them back or sell on ebay.

  5. What a neat idea! I have the same problem with my hands -_- especially with my fingers, I can't find a decent ring because my fingers are too chubby, oww.

  6. Cute idea! I have a hard time with bangles too, my hands are pretty wide by my wrists are really annoying.

    Out of curiosity, when is your birthday? Your "wish list" kind of got me thinking :) haha

  7. On line swap party sounds like a great idea !
    While i cannot join as I am awayyyyyyy and postal system sucks here- i'd love to see what you do get )

  8. I'll send you a few bangles that I never wear but that I think should fit over your hands. I have really (really) big hands so I figure if they work for me, they should work for you.

    Also, I adore that necklace. It's very "Indian-inspired-Marchesa S/S 2013". Trust me.

  9. I will swap you some nail polish for that the bag and/or necklace....

  10. If you could use anything on my site, like maybe that sundress, I like the zebra purse.

  11. I have a large collection of clip on earrings. Do you have a P.O. box, so I could send them to you?

    1. That would be lovely, Finn! E-mail me at so I can send you my mailing address.