Sunday, September 23, 2018

Looking For A Party

I found this pretty party-dress at a church thrift-store. It was on sale for $2. Two dollars! I bought it even though it's a bit small, because that low price couldn't be resisted.

Now I just need a party to wear it to. Can I come over to your place?!

"The Fairy" (2011)

Oh, my goodness! This French comedy is so wacky, so funny it makes me laugh hard. I watched it three times in a row just to enjoy the humor again and again.

The movie is about a woman, Fiona, who believes she's a fairy. She may be or she may be crazy. She falls in love with a bored hotel-clerk, Dom, and they have bizarre adventures, such as dancing at the bottom of the ocean. Fiona and Dom do physical comedy of the sort that hasn't been seen since the early days of the cinema (e.g., Charlie Chaplin).

The movie is obscure so nobody's seen it here in the States, but the couple who made it (from Belgium) are well-known in Europe as comedians. They've been romantically attached since the 1980's and their personal bond shows in the effortless comedy.

I guarantee you've never seen anything like this!

Monday, September 17, 2018


I find myself attracted to this dress. At first glance, its style seems conventional but, on closer examination, you realize it has a subtle rebellious streak. That's kinda like me!

What do you think?

P.S., Body-makeup works!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Have You Ever

... applied makeup somewhere other than your face?

In my last outfit-post, I didn't realize until too late that I have a "farmer's tan" -- dark forearms from a lot of outdoor activity in male t-shirts. The arms contrast unpleasantly with my light-skinned shoulders and chest. I don't like the look because it reminds me of my (public) male persona, the exact opposite of the feminine appearance I want to create when wearing women's clothing.

So... searching for a cure, I'm wondering if I can wear makeup (e.g., foundation) on my arms. Is that allowed? Have you ever done anything similar to your neck, shoulders, arms or legs? I've heard some women cover up freckles there, so maybe it's an option.

On a related topic... this may seem odd but, someday before I die, I want to get a feminine tan-line: e.g., the kind you acquire from wearing a bikini bathing suit in the sun. Things like that plumb the depth of my soul.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Beauty In Motion

You might think I'm attracted to motorcycles for thrills, the joys of going fast. Well, that's part of it but what also draws me to two-wheeled monsters (and the brave souls who ride them) is their beauty -- how motorcycles interact with nature and bend laws of physics. Here are some illustrations of that appeal, taken at the racetrack yesterday.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Starting Early

Tomorrow morning I'm riding down to see Superbike racing. The riders there are amazing.

How did they get so good? They started young. Last year I watched young riders -- children, actually -- practice at the racetrack. Here's how cool they are.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Summer Flirt

Before Summer ends, I want to wear something fun and flirty. So I put this together.

A peach halter-dress with black tights. Pink flats decorated with black bows. Colorful jewelry and an orange lippy. What do you think?

Yes, I know... my forearms are more tanned than my upper arms. That's from a season of wearing men's t-shirts in the sun. Sadly nothing I can do about it now.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Scary Monster

I was walking into my local library when I spotted this scary dude. Taken aback, I then realized he's an art sculpture. Hmm...

In the library I checked out a DVD ("Black Panther"). The movie was better than I expected -- a coherent story with social relevance. I usually avoid superhero flicks (too many fights, too little artistry) and my expectations were low. The surprise was welcome. Have you seen the film? What'd ya think?

Are you enjoying the holiday weekend?

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Motorcycle Racing

A week from today I'm riding down to South Jersey to see top-level motorcycle racing. The racing season has ten events held at different racetracks around the country. I go to the one at NJ Motorsports Park not only because it's the closest but because I rode that track myself. I know its twists, turns and elevations intimately. It's amazing to see pros go 200 mph on the same stretch of track where I hit only 140 mph. (That was with my old bike [Yamaha FZ-1]; my new sportbike [BMW S1000R] can do 165 mph.)

The two-mile track has 12 curves of varying radius with a few switchbacks that demand total concentration. After a few hours of exhausting riding, I forgot about one of the switchbacks and almost crashed. I handled the initial right-hand turn but forgot about a sharp left-hand curve which immediately followed. I went in hot thinking I could ease out of the first turn, forgetting I needed to make the second one. The only way to avoid an ambulance trip was to lean the motorcycle much farther than I'd ever done and, through sheer force of will, I did that. My maneuver surprised me -- facing the situation, I thought a crash was NOT the way I wanted to end the day and somehow I made the turn happen. The memory of that experience is vividly etched in my brain.

Watching pro racers handle these same curves smoothly and at even higher speed is mesmerizing. Plus the engines of their not-street-legal racebikes scream at a volume you can't imagine. The whole scene is viscerally exciting. Wanna join me?