Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentine's Day

It's hard to believe but February starts on Tuesday and V-Day is just around the corner.  Are you ready?  How do you feel about this holiday?

I love Valentine's Day.  I'm a love-junkie and welcome the excuse to spread a little affection around.  In addition to showering love on my Sweetie, I also send cards to my friends.  Beware!

My Sweetheart doesn't read my blog so I can tell you what I've got her. 

First, a cute teddy-bear in pink pajamas from The Vermont Teddy Bear Company.

Second, a box of chocolates from the best chocolatier in the whole world: Bon Bons in Huntington, N.Y.

And third, two tickets to a local production of the musical Cabaret.

What are you giving this year?  Or hoping to receive?


  1. Valentine's Day is not very popular in germany so I probably won't get anything. I used to make chocolate for my friends every year and I think I will make some again this year.

  2. Ahhh, so cute. The I visit you, the more intrigued I am about you and your life.

    Hope you get spoilt and shown tons of love for V-Day. I have not given it much thought, I am just stunned that January is almost done.


  3. Sounds like you both will have a fabulous V-Day. I like it a lot too. It's a great day for showing a little extra attention to the people I care about.

  4. I like Valentines Day because of all the chocolate! Yum. And cute teddy, I wish I had those pajamas.

  5. I am a big fan of Valentine's day, my husband not so much. He usually gets me flowers but this year I asked for a gift certificate for a massage! I need a day to relax! I am getting him a tool that he wants at Sears. I have no idea what it is honestly but I have the part number. Also every Valentine's day we wake up to a box of chocolates left on our front step by his Mom. Its very sweet!

  6. Well, you know how I feel about V-Day, and I recently blogged about it, so I'll just limit my comment here to the fact that I have to disagree with your chocolatier award and say that See's candy is THE BESTEST!!! Actually, I've never tried Bon Bon's, so I can't really make a fair judgment. ;) Hope you guys have a wonderful time at the show!!

  7. Not me, it's my kid's birthday!!

  8. I was just thinking the other day about how much I liked getting those boxed card sets from CVS and giving little Valentine's Day cards to my friends!

    Kyle and I are pretty damn broke at the moment, but I think we are going to fork up $5 to see some bands play the Saturday before Valentine's day :)

  9. You are a Great Valentine. Your Sweetheart is Lucky ! My Husband and I usually get each other gifts and go to a nice dinner.

  10. I kind of disagree with this holiday - I think it's too commercial for me! Most of the times I forget about it and I rather buy presents for my loved ones as a surprise on a random day and not because I have to.... Think of me as the "Grintch who stole valentine's Day" hihihi! But your gifts are so cool and I would be so touched if I was your girlfriend - excellent taste my friend!

  11. Ooooh I love valentines day! and what great presents you've picked out! Your sweetheart is one lucky lady! xx

  12. I love Valentine's Day! I always buy a box of those cheap kiddie valentines and give them out to everyone. Mine have puppies and kitties on them this year...I can't wait!

    Supposedly, I'm getting a big surprise this V-day from my boyfriend. I have no idea what it could be, at all. I'd totally be happy with that teddy bear, though. So cute!

    I got your lovely email, too, by the way. I AM going to respond to it, but I'm out of town and only get like, 5 more minutes of wi-fi today, so just give me a day or so! :) Let me just say: I truly appreciate all your support. Like, a lot.

    Hope your week is starting out well!

  13. That teddy bear is adorable!! My boyfriend and I don't usually give V-day gifts... we usually just splurge on a delicious dinner. This year however, I bought him an Ipod... which is major! Haha.

    I have to say this holiday makes me feel happy... I love sharing the love!

  14. Mr. A and I don't do a whole lot for Valentine's Day. Our V-day is the day before on February 13 -- the day we got engaged. That's our big celebration day. Really, though, we plan to give each other something small and sentimental. We did a lot for Christmas, and I prefer to give something that is simply thoughtful for this kind of commercial holiday. I wasn't a big fan of V-day until I got engaged the day before. Hahaha.

    I like the color scheme of Valentine's Day. That doesn't really relate to anything. I just like it.

  15. I must admit- I'm a bit of a softie as well so I adore Valentine's Day! That teddybear is absolutely adorable and tickets to the caberet sounds amazing! Since my boyfriend and my 1 year anniversary is only a week before V Day, I bought him a Wii to cover off both celebrations! We are going to have a quiet night eating chocolate fondue, drinking wine and listening to sappy love musice! Yay for love1

  16. very nice.. such a cute teddy. Yeah love is in the air... but all I expect is that my sweetheart says those magical words to me; no gifts.

  17. I used to love it. But as I get older, I'm not as big a fan. My husband and I might get each other a card, but that's it. My niece's birthday is on Feb 14th. She'll be 5 this year. It's become more about her bday these days. Which I love because she's amazing and fun to spoil.

    Don't get me wrong, if my husband were to surprise me with flowers, I would be elated. But that goes for any day of the year.

    Did you get my email? I sent you a special treat.


  18. Yea, not such a big fan here
    Seems like a lot of hype and husband usually just ends up stopping by the grocery store and picking up whatever flowers are left on his way home LOL
    It was cool when we were in elementary school and handed out valentines with candy though
    Cute bear, I have been to the Vermont Teddy Bear Company. It was years ago, the kids were in strollers back then.

  19. i cant believe valentines is just around the corner. i hope you have a wonderful day :)

  20. I love Valentine's Day! Any excuse to be romantic and mushy and give presents is okay in my book. I'm hoping for a new bottle of perfume, a nice dinner out and some fresh flowers. Actually, I'd just take the flowers!

  21. Hi my buddy!! I hope that your Monday is treating you well! I am back from VEGAS finally!!!
    So I havent thought too much about Valentine's Day!! UGGG is that bad??
    I could def use tickets to see Cabaret though!! OMG would love to do that!!


  22. I like the sound of those gifts, especially the Cabaret tickets!

    I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day (what, having to buy gifts again right after Christmas and birthday madness? This year though, I hope we at least go out for dinner, since we've never managed to be in the same country for V Day for the past three years!

  23. How very nice of you :)
    I have to say that we use to go to dinner. But it got ugly.
    Restaurants were over their capacity- even with reservations . and the service was so bad we stopped going out to dinner.
    This year - my h is traveling so he won't be here, I guess he will plan in advance and get flowers delivered to my office... I on the other hand will probably stuff something (hidden) in his suitcase so when he gets to Spain he has a surprise.
    BTW, I am curious to know why your sweetheart does not read your blog.
    Mine doesn't read mine either.....

  24. You are soo sweet. Mmmm Bon Bons! I just want to wear a pretty dress and drink wine.

  25. I love Valentines and I'm not loving those holiday bashers! I mean, you don't have to like it or celebrate it if you don't want to but don't ruin it for others!

    I would love a weekend get-away and a 5-hour massage! =)

    p.s. sorry, I just saw your e-mail.. gmail is still pretty new to me and it's not the best so far! You are very, very welcome my dear friend! Very much!

  26. I too welcome the spread of affection! I love LOVE! It also marks my 3 month anniversary with my bf so I think he has something nice planned. You are too cute with your gifts! Hope your sweetie realizes how lucky they are!


  27. That teddy is beyond cute. Is it handmade , I have never heard of this company but I feel like it is some kind of specialty. :)

    And I have to try out Bon Bon chocolates when I get to NY. :)

    I got my bf things that he needed a pair of cashmere lined gloves and breton tee with insulate lining. But I've also got him tickets to his first ever Burlesque, truffles and a card and he does not know about this part. :) I am so excited. Hope you have a fantastic valentines day surprise too.


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  28. oh my gosh, that is soo sweet! ughh I still do'nt know what to give to my hubby who says he does'nt need anything except beer cans.=( I'm glad you posted this so it will remind me to plan out.

  29. Awe you are such a sweetheart. Your love is lucky to have you. I used to hate V-Day.. Then I feel truly in love. But the kicker is that my Love doesn't celebrate most holidays, including this one. Oh well. I buy myself chocolate and candies, maybe I'll share them with speacil people.

  30. I'm getting foot surgery and a spouse who doesn't need immediate spine surgery! Its my second wedding anniversary, and I couldn't be happier!