Saturday, January 22, 2011

Other Aspects Of A Post

Sometimes an outfit-post is not about the outfit.

This week, I turned the page of a magazine and saw an ad that caught my eye.  In fact, I couldn't stop looking at it.  The ad was simple: it showed a woman sitting in a chair, wearing the simplest of dresses.  And yet it was mesmerizing.  There was something about her pose, her body-language that was talking to me.  I listened and listened...

That inspired me to try something new.  (I'm all about trying new things!)  I took some pictures today in which I played with poses and body-language.  The clothes aren't the focus, but you can talk about them if you wish.  What I'm more interested in is how the postures strike you.  What do they make you think?

Here goes!

P.S., The pictures were taken in my bedroom.  I have a new chair there.


  1. You have fabulous legs (the chairs lovely too!)

  2. Great idea. The pics are nice, but would be more powerful if not shot from a straight-on position. Maybe have the camera off at about a 45 degree angle. Also, try different heights. I like the 3rd and 4th pictures best, by the way.

    Have you gotten a remote shutter release yet? You might want to consider a Gorillapod, too. It's a small tripod that would allow you to easily position your camera for self portraits.

    And here's a good, short article for you about the difference between placing your subject dead-center in the frame or in the left or right third of your image. It's called the rule of thirds.

    You'd be surprised what a difference that makes.

  3. Oh these are wonderful! I like how in each picture the pose accentuates part of the outfit- in the top two the focus are the cute shoes, in the third one its the ring that catches your eye. Well done!

  4. These pictures are Stunning ! You look Great in all of them and I like the different poses. It adds interest to this post. Also, I don't know if you noticed but I passed the Stylish blogger Award on to you and six other people. Check out my last post again and you will see. : )

  5. 7 other people. I forgot to add someone.

  6. I have enjoyed your new poses ... I think we all get a little bored with the poses, especially when we do the same thing over and over (madness?), I especially like how relaxed and causal you appear in the last photo.

    I agree with alabee as well that each shot accentuates a different part of your outfit. Great idea ... now I'm going to be inspired to try new poses as well.


  7. Thanks, guys.

    At your urging TM, I got a remote shutter release when I got my new camera. It works well for self-portraits. And thanks for the continuing advice on photography.

    Thanks, Emma. I saw it on your blog yesterday. You're sweet!

    Wendy, I agree about the boring repetition we all do with our poses. That was the catalyst for my trying something new.

  8. Love the new poses for fun! Not so great for seeing how an outfit fits and hangs (which is why my poses are boooring).

    I'm a bit jealous you can do the "leg stack" in the second pic- it doesn't work so well on us chunky girls.

  9. woot woot cool new chair!!

    I like that you are experimenting with poses. It also makes for taking outfit pictures more fun. Breaking out of a routine and playing around with imagery. Sitting, you seem really relaxed and comfortable here.

  10. My faves are the second and third! I was going to say what Sara said, that I don't think I've ever seen you look THIS relaxed and comfortable in your pictures...not that you don't usually look comfortable, but in these, I think I can safely say (even without having seen the magazine ad) that you achieved the same look she did! You're comfortable but classy and so ladylike.

  11. These poses remind me of "Desperate Housewives" -- not the desperate portion, but the fact that women frequently behave in a portrait of themselves. They like to act like everything is fine, everything is normal, everything is comfortable, hiding what is beneath. It's like a Stepford Wife thing.

    ... If that makes any sense.

    Or, you can just ignore that.
    You're pretty. :)

  12. I emailed you from a different email. It is the one I use the most. Hope it didn't go to spam. Thanks so much for your comment. You are a sweetheart.

  13. My favorite pose is the 2nd one. It's so retro and I think it says, "confidence"! What a great thought....often it's really not about our clothes but how we carry ourselves in our clothes. A great outfit makes me carry myself a little taller and have a bit of a strut to my step! LOL You look lovely poised in your beautiful new chair! ~Serene

  14. that last picture is gorgeous! you have stunning legs! (can you call legs stunning? well i just did, so there!)

  15. Gasp you have the longest legs! My short and stumpy legs are very jealous! You look very demure and regal- exuding power and strength of personality!

  16. i like the second one best... but i'm not sure why! however, the last one looks very relaxed and comfortable with the pose and no shoes. :0
    <3 mode.

  17. I really like the close-up. You look so classy in these pictures, beautifull!

  18. Me likey!
    I like the poses and the double striped outfit.
    Yes, I know the post is about poses but I liked the outfit too.
    Since I take my pictures 2 minutes before heading out to work I don't have much time to pose :(

  19. I forgot to say you have really niCe legs!

  20. Yay! Stripes with stripes. I love this look.


  21. I love the chair poses! Your legs are amazing!

    Not a fan of the hand on chin pose - it looks a bit Sears catalogue. Let your hand touch your hair or earring for a more natural pose.

    The mix of stripes looks great in your outfit!