Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dangerous Things

Fast motorcycles are like sharp knives -- they are capable of amazing feats but are insanely dangerous.  Using them, you can savor terrific thrills, but you need to be completely focused on what you're doing because a second of inattention can result in tragedy.

I own both a fast motorcycle and a sharp knife.  My motorcycle (one of two; the other is big and slow) accelerates like a rocket, handles as nimbly as a gazelle and bends the laws of physics.  Before I rode it, I didn't know a body could move through space so fast.  The sensations it creates are visceral and addictive.

When riding my bike, I concentrate solely on what I'm doing.  People driving cars often allow themselves to be distracted; I never do that.  My focus is constant and it keeps me out of trouble.  I'm always anticipating traffic-risks, planning escape-routes and using the bike's heightened abilities.  In fact, mastering the motorcycle's superior talents is a primary joy of riding.  When you develop your skills to be able to push the envelope safely, it is intensely satisfying.

Sharp knives offer similar pleasure.  They glide through food without effort.  But, like fast motorcycles, they demand your full attention.  You don't want to end up being called "Lefty".  I love to cook and have found a super-sharp knife is an essential tool.

For my last birthday, I asked for and received a ridiculously-expensive knife from Japan ($250).  After using it for a month, I love it and would have paid double.  It is such a good, fun tool.  My knife makes cutting vegetables a joy in itself. 

If you're going to use a dangerous implement, it's a good idea to take lessons.  There are techniques to cutting food that almost eliminate the risk of hurting yourself, as long as you're careful.  I took a course that taught me how to wield a sharp knife and would never hand my knife to anyone who hadn't.  It's too dangerous and unforgiving of error.

Here's a look at my new knife...

Are there any tools you enjoy using?


  1. It's such a great idea you took the time to learn to handle the knife properly... kudos!

    My husband barely trusts me with kitchen knives... and I made a complete mess of my left knee in my short experience with motorcycles... maybe I'm just meant to be decorative ;)

  2. That Bike is Sweeet ! What is the model ? My husband saw the Bike and is in love ! I am pretty lame, the only tools I enjoy using are makeup tools lol Or my Imac if that counts : )

  3. That bike is pretty. It looks fast and fun! Shannon has tried telling me to get a decent knife. I'll have to put a real knife on my wish list.

  4. I love riding bikes too. There is an excitement and the adrenaline rush which is unparalleled. Otherwise I have never thought about if I like any particular tools more than the other! :)

    P.S. Hope the year is treating you well. Thank for all your comments in the past weeks. I do not have internet access to visit blogs regularly unfortunately :(

  5. I've only ever rode pillion behind my husband, but it was exhilarating nonetheless!

    And a good knife is worth it! It makes cooking much easier.

  6. That knife is beautifull. I cook a lot, so I'm a big fan of really sharp knifes(there is nothing worse then cutting food with a knife that is not sharp).

  7. I love this analogy! I'm not much familiar with knives (usually I know them as Exhibit A) but I'm fond of bikes and as an enthusiastic pillion passenger know too well how carefully they must be handled. An absorbing post and may I just add how much I love the cocktail ring in the knife picture.

  8. I have never riddden a motorcycle, but I have ridden a four-wheeler a couple of times. That being said, I belong on neither. I could not even sit on a four-wheeler without nearly falling off the back, so I doubt I could handle a motorcycle. I would be the rider who puts her foot down on the turns and topples the bike over. For my safety and for the safety of others, it's best if I remain in a car -- and even then, that is iffy. I tend to dance and sing a lot.


  9. The "Lefty" thing cracked me up!!! You're funny.

    Hubby does more of the cooking than I do, but I have done more this week because I've actually had time. I really can't tell you why, but we always seemed to use steak knives for chopping veggies, and the other day, I was like, we have bigger, sharper knives; why am I not using them? So I did, and it makes such a difference. What was wrong with us?! lol

  10. Emma, it's a Yamaha FZ-1. And, in the wrong hands, makeup tools can be dangerous, too!

    Mini, I think a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one. You have to jab at food instead of smoothly sliding through it and, doing that, the knife is more prone to going astray.

    Thanks, Baxter. I was a little worried people would criticize me for wearing jewelry while cooking, but it was really a staged photo-shoot, not actual cooking.

    Bonnnie, maybe you should buy a tank!

    Jen, an awful lot of our lives are less than they could be simply because we don't realize things would be better if we did them differently. When I find a way to improve something, I'm always surprised that for years I went without it. Life should come with an instruction manual. :)

  11. I'm more of a gadget girl! If they make an infomercial on it (a la slapchop) I want it! And I'm obsessed with finding adaptive equipment for my clients to increase their independence.

  12. "accelerates like a rocket, handles as nimbly as a gazelle and bends the laws of physics"

    You could be a poet!

    I've ridden motorcycles before and my dad actually told me he'd get me one if I would use it. I think I would, but I don't know. Maybe THAT'S something I could do in my 1.5 year gap!

    And I agree--a sharp knife is key. I'd cook so much more if I owned one. All we have is dull knives in my house, and I dread cutting or chopping up anything. That's one bad ass knife you have! I worked in a restaurant once and we didn't have anything even half as nice!

  13. Love.It! If you are ever in the Ottawa area we will have to go for a ride together. There is a great route along the river & (hopefully) infamous canal.

    I'm still toying with which bike I want. Right now we have a CBR 600 but it feels too big for me. The Ninja 250 or new 400 feels like it suits me but that F1 is mighty pretty. I like the street/sport look to it. How do you like the way she rides?

  14. Wow, I didn't know you had an FZ-1! I must not be paying attention very well. Sorry, about that.

    As someone who comes from a strictly sportbike background - i always saw the FZ as a formidable sport-touring bike. All the handling and power you could want with space for luggage, legroom and an upright seating position. Very nice!

    Being that you have the very luxurious BMW - do you ever go touring on the FZ?

    I am far more dangerous in the kitchen than on the bike.

    Really like your blue stone ring!

  15. i'm glad you're careful- my friend David died in a motorcyle accident, and my father rides one with awareness, as you do. so i can go both ways with them... they're like loaded guns, and if you don't watch it, the bullet will get you. thank you for being conscious.
    lovely ring!
    <3 mode.

  16. Ashley, I can give you advice and encouragement about motorcycles until the cows come home. Just get me started!

    Ashelle, after learning about the many bloggers in Ottawa, I looked your town up on the map and realized I can make it there in a day. I may seriously visit Ottawa next year! The best bike for you is whichever one feels most comfortable. Size is important: a bike too big is scary. I grew into my current bikes after starting with smaller ones that gave me courage. I love the way the Yamaha handles. I feel like I'm flying and it disappears beneath me.

    Yup, Fuzz, I own two bikes. They're perfectly complimentary 'cause they offer such different experiences. The FZ-1 is a great combination of sportbike power and comfy ergos. I tour on the Yamaha when I'm alone and take the BMW when Robin is with me. I have the BMW primary for her 'cause she's likes its comfort.

    Mode, I'm sorry about your friend.

  17. That bike looks amazing, it's nice to read about how much passion you have for riding. I can't say I ride motorcycles or anything, but I definitely have my passion for fashion going strong!


  18. Wow now that is a pricy knife but it sure looks good! As far as the motorcycle goes- very sexy! Learning how to drive a motorcyle is on my bucket list- I would love the freedom of the open road! xo

  19. Good for you, Emma!

    Emily, you would love motorcycles. Come hop on mine for a ride around the neighborhood!

  20. But I can't stop staring at your rings. LOVE them.

    Be careful with that sharp knife, killer. And you look totes adorbs in that riding suit.


  21. I buy very expensive paintbrushes that only have a few bristles (they're over $10 each) for painting miniatures.

    Love your rings!

  22. im way too chicken to get onto a motorcycle lol

  23. I am so jealous, that knife looks awesome!

  24. I Loved your comment on my last post ! I couldn't have said it better.

  25. I love how this shows two sides of you that both require the utmost focus. That bike is beauuutttiiiifffuullll! Its good to know that there are SOME bikers that are so conscious of what they are doing.
    I just want to thank you for all your wonderful comments, they are a pleasure to read and so well thought out. thank you thank you thank you.

  26. Luckily I can relax on the back of the bike and dream a little as Graeme does all the concentrating.

    We're going on a biking weekend from 1 - 3 April, without the little people, I'm so looking forward to it. We did this trip last year, but I drove with the children in the truck and he rode the GS. This year, we'll do the entire trip on the bike ... I'm so ready for it.

  27. You'll love that trip, Wendy! And I know what you mean -- my wife Robin sits behind me on the bike and she loves to let her mind wander. She has mental vacations back there. :)

  28. It is like your knife has bling. I have always wanted to get into cooking, but sometimes with schedule it can feel like a real chore. The way that you are dolled up while cooking reminds me of a modern Donna Reed.