Sunday, January 30, 2011


The title above is honest.  I bought a pretty dress yesterday at my local thrift-store, but won't be able to take pictures of it until tomorrow.  So... there's nothing to post today except filler.  :)

I collect photos of my friends having fun.  Every so often, a blogger will let loose and show us her playful side.  I love seeing a happy attitude.

This is Freeda, a friend of mine who blogs for the right reason -- to make herself happy.  Freeda makes no effort to "promote" her blog or acquire 700 followers; she's content to just be herself, talk about clothes with a handful of friends who visit her blog, and share interesting facts about her evolving life.

Freeda happens to be one of the sweetest individuals I've ever met.  She is nice through and through, which makes conversing with her a joy.

Next up, a picture of a baby... see below... no excuse for posting it other than the kid is awfully cute!

Photo Courtesy Of Law Mama


  1. Aw, the baby is really cute! And I kind of want to steal its hat...

    I'm not an expert on scarves either, as far as I am concerned there are one or two ways to wrap them around my neck, or maybe I can use one as a belt, but that's about it... I'll look around for tutorials and let you know if I find one.


  2. Is it sad that I have like 3 of the hat the baby's wearing? My husband is embarrassed to go out in public with me.

    *hugs* I looked in my sidebar and said "Ack, that's me!!" HA!

  3. Can you add a link to my blog with the picture of my baby? All I ask if you use my photos is for credit. Thanks!

    And his hat is from baby gap - he hated it! I had just put the hat on him and this is the look he gave me.

  4. Of course. I apologize. Actually, I forgot where the picture came from; it was in my download bin and when I pulled it out, I couldn't remember if it came from a blog or just somewhere online.

  5. No problem! Thanks for fixing it so promptly. :)

  6. What a precious lil babeh!! I can't even see commercials for diapers without getting teary-eyed; I am so ready to have one of my own! It would be about damn time too!

    Freeda, love your "happy jump"!

  7. Awh the hat on the kid is so cute.

  8. That kid is cute and Freeda looks like she's having a blast! That's cool that you collect such happy pics! I collect cute couples pics!


  9. oh...what a happy mom for such adorable baby...i know how it feels like!

  10. I don't know what's up with that jumping freak! ;p but the kid is cute....