Saturday, January 22, 2011


There are a group of bloggers who, every Friday, answer a list of questions.  Their linked blogs are led by Katy at Modly Chic.  This week, the topic they address is authenticity in blogging.

I am awed and pleased to be named by two bloggers as someone whose blog is authentic.  I'm glad they recognize my efforts to express myself.  I am obviously different from most other bloggers and I'm thrilled that people react positively, instead of negatively, to my blogging.

The two bloggers who kindly mention me are Freeda and Jodi.  I've talked to you about Freeda before; let me tell you now about Jodi.

Jodi is a director of a non-profit organization in Canada.  She is also a triathlete who trains regularly and is more physically fit than any of us.  If I was stranded in the desert, I'd want Jodi to be there with me so she could carry me to safety.  :)

I've been watching Jodi's blog for many months and, during that time, I've seen her fashion-choices improve and improve.  She's really learned a lot from other bloggers and her efforts to sharpen her outfits have paid off.  Jodi is stylish and attractive and her blog is fun to read.

Thanks, Jodi and Freeda!


  1. I Love her outfit in this pic. Very Chic. She sounds like a very successful woman.

  2. Ohh congratulations! In this pictures she looks divine, I love what she's wearing!

  3. I'm not surprise you were mentioned in other blogs about being awesome. You have an amazing blog which I enjoy reading every time you update. Jodi looks great.

  4. awwww thanks Ralph!! you are tooooo kind.. as for carrying you to safety.. you make me sound so heroic!! thats so funny!! I love it!! and thanks for choosing one of my better photos LOL (all about looking good right ?? hah hah)

    have a super weekend!!! xoxo J

  5. You're one of the most authentic people I know. I picked up right away that you are real and genuine through and through, in general as a person. Now that you're embracing your true self even more every single day, your openness only adds to this great quality.

  6. Seriously I love these two ladies and I completely agreed with everything they said about you!!! You totally deserved it!!!
    I was excited about these posts!!
    Jodi is one of my FAV blogger friends EVER!!