Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Golden Globes

I featured two movies on my blog recently ("Black Swan" and "The King's Speech").  The leads in both films won Golden Globe awards tonight (Natalie Portman and Colin Firth).  Portman and Firth definitely gave the best acting performances this year and they are likely to repeat their wins two months from now at the Oscars.

The award for Best Picture (Drama) went to "The Social Network," a smartly-written and well-acted account of Facebook's creation.  It deserved the honor.

I disagree with the award for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical) which went to "The Kids Are All Right."  That film was a lightweight comedy of little significance.  It was mildy amusing but certainly not award-caliber.

The award show itself was not as good as past ceremonies and host Ricky Gervais (the British comedian who created "The Office") was unusually and unattractively meanspirited.  Even the crowd groaned at several of his attacks.  I haven't found Gervais funny in the past and his material tonight was inappropriate and lame.

Your thoughts on the awards, the show or the outfits? 

Here's what Ann  Hathaway wore.  Can you imagine wearing something like this?


  1. I didn't saw the Awards but I saw a few Dresses. And Olivia Wilde just looked amazing! Her Dress was something I always wanted to wear.

  2. I must admit that I never watch the award shows but I love looking at the fashion after tha fact! I saw The King's Speech this weekend and loved it but unlike you I really enjoyed The Kids are Alright! I'm not a fan of Natalie Portman's dress but I love Anne Hathaway's look!

  3. I loved Olivia's dress. It was so big! Very pretty.

    I didn't dislike "The Kids..."; I just didn't think it was award-worthy. It is entertaining to watch.

  4. Ooohhh... if only I still had the body to wear a dress like that. Not that I ever go anywhere where that outfit would be appropriate. Speaking of not going anywhere, seeing a movie for me is rare, but I'd love to see Black Swan.

  5. Well, if I looked like Anne, I would flaunt what I had in a dress like that, too... She's got the body for it, so why not?!

    P.S. Your movie critiques are always so spot on! Keep 'em coming!

  6. id need to do some working out before i out on annes dress. lol.

  7. I'm not a fan of Natalie's dress. I cut my likes and dislikes down to 5 a peice to keep it from being waaay long :)

    I just think that she looks like she's trying to hide her pregnancy in it and that's sad. It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't have the flower across the chest.

    I also didn't like Carrie Underwood. I mean, she looked beautiful but yaaaawn. It's the same dress in almost the same color every time. Boring.

    What I wouldn't give to be able to wear a dress like Anne's or Emma's though *sigh* :)

  8. I did not get to see them last night as I had family over--- and its such a pitty I missed it was EVERYONE is talking about it.
    I think there is a really, really fine line on wearing Anne´s dress. A butt crack line :)

  9. I love Ann Hathaway. She always looks so amazing. But that's mostly Rachel Zoes' doing. Since she styled her. OMG, I love that Armani Prive gown. I DIE! (that's my RZ impersonation)


  10. I haven't seen Black Swan yet, but I've been a Natalie Portman fan since I first saw her in Where the Heart Is (great book too). I actually like her dress. But she would still look stunning in a paper sack to me!

    Anne looks lovely and elegant as always and can definitely pull off that dress. If I were ever to attempt something like that, no matter how much they taped it to my body, I'd be worrying about my crack being exposed every time I moved!!!!!! hahahaha

  11. I never saw Annes dress until now like a fellow pale girl i do admire her style.

  12. i never watch... just look at the dresses later! i love Anne, but she is looking a little too skinny these days for my taste. i thought Ryan Gosling looked liked a Dream Man!!!

    <3 mode.

    ps- congrats on 50 followers! love your blog :)

  13. Speaking of Ryan Gosling, has anyone seen Lars and the Real Girl? We haven't finished watching it yet (hubby fell asleep on the couch, so I turned it off), but I don't think I'd have even KNOWN that dreamy Ryan Gosling was buried somewhere underneath all that weirdness if I hadn't seen it on the label!! haha