Monday, January 17, 2011

The Versatile Blogger

Fellow blogger LaToya just gave me a Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you, LaToya!  She has a fun fashion-blog here.

That's LaToya on the left.  She's a fitness-fanatic and exercises regularly.  Can you tell?  She looks amazing.  I laughed when I read that LaToya took a guy on a first-date to the gym.  That quickly weeds out guys who aren't compatible with her!

LaToya got this animal-print dress for $7 at a thrift-store.  That's my kinda gal.

Can you bear hearing seven more facts about me?  I hope so.  That's what the award offers me a chance to discuss.

1. Blogging makes me happy.  Very, very happy.  Happier than anything since I learned to ride a motorcycle.

2. The best part of blogging is interacting with you.  Yes, you!  My readers become my friends and talking to my friends is deeply joyful.

3. I can't believe I have 49 followers.  When I started a year ago, I hoped to find two or three people who'd want to read my blog.  I never expected more than that.  I'm so lucky.

4. Numbers amuse me and the idea of reaching 50 followers gives me a thrill.  I don't know how long it will take, but every day I look at the total and wonder when it will happen.  Just one more!!

5. I can't believe I have followers from other countries, including some obscure countries that don't speak English.  I initially thought the differences in culture and language would pose problems, but these gals speak perfect English and their clothes are very similar to ours.  See, for example, Lidia who lives in Hungary.

Google has a free translation program and, to amuse my foreign friends, I often post on their blogs in their language.  It isn't free from trouble, however...  I recently complimented a Latvian friend on her well-toned arms and Google translated "arms" as "weapons"!  She laughed a lot at that.

6. I always carry magazines with me so I have something to read when stuck doing nothing.  In court, for example, I often have to wait for my case to be called.  In a room full of middle-aged male lawyers in suits, I sit and read fashion magazines and clothes catalogs, planning future outfits.  There's something quirky about that, but I enjoy being myself and not pretending to be someone I'm not.

7. I'm not a football fan but it looks like my home-team (New York Jets) may make it to the SuperBowl and play Freeda's home-team (Green Bay Packers).  Freeda is getting all competitive about it so, if our teams play each other, we've agreed to a wager on the outcome -- the winner gets a new tube of lipstick from the loser!  I love having girlfriends. :)


  1. I actually LOLed at the "well-toned weapons"! Fabulous.

    Of course we can stand more facts about you; that's one reason we're all here! ;)

  2. I'm funny about numbers too - I am always excited when I hit a round number, either with my blog posts or followers.

  3. 7 things I like about your blog:
    1. Your motorcycle
    2. That you syle a knife shot with a drop-dead gorgeous cocktail ring
    3. Your emotional bravery
    4. Your kindness to all your readers
    5. Your fabulous fashion sense
    6. Your empathy
    7. Your broad spectrum of interests, opinions and information that lead to lots of varied posts.
    Roll on fifty followers!

  4. Thanks, guys. And, Baxter, that's an incredibly-lovely comment. Thank you sincerely.

  5. Great post-I laughed out loud in my work cubicle (yes I blog at work) about the weapon comment! I think it's amazing that you read fashion magazines waiting for your case (I used to do the same in court when accompanying women!)

  6. Aww thanks for the shout out. Hugs! Your number of followers will continue to climb! Your so awesome and interesting! I love your number six! Glad your not into pretending to be someone your not!


  7. Thank you for the mention, it really makes me so happy! :) My mother taught me english since the age of 3 which I didn't really like (she was a stewardess and speaks a couple of languages and found it important to teach her child too) but now I love speaking and writing english. It comes useful when interacting with other bloggers and new people from all around the world, for example You! Thank you for following me :)
    Have a nice day and take care!
    XOXO Lidia

  8. I Love learning new facts about you. I agree with LaToya on # 6. That is my Favorite too.

  9. You make me smile. And although that's usually my natural repose, you make the smile even bigger. So, thank you. I can't stop imagining you flipping through Lucky mag and dog earring pages surrounded by all those stuffy suits! Love you TONS!! Tracy

  10. she took a guy on their first date to the gym?? lol! That's so funny! It's strange but I can kinda imagine that being quite fun :)


  11. I love how honest, open and fresh you are.....maybe if we met in the real world we would have never even talked....but through internet I know you, your wonderful personality and quirky taste. There's something incredible about it.


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  12. Mr. A is for the Jets all the way. I'm a Bears fan myself but only for Devin Hester. He's so cute when he scampers across the field. I named him "Little Bear." Just because.
    I love how you read fashion magazines in courtrooms. I'm an English graduate student and am often looked down upon in my classes because I read "Vogue" instead of literature classics before class begins. Bitches be jealous 'cuz I'm hotttttttt, yo.

    P.S. Totally realized that I wasn't following you yet. LAME. Now following -- maybe that helped you reach the 50 mark?

  13. First of all, I think I owe you an apology and a big hug of gratitude my dear friend. For reasons that are so unpleasant, I have been away from blogging and most esp from visiting my friend's blogs. I regret not visiting yours.

    Yet despite that, you continue to visit and leave me with encouraging words that I am so so thankful for!

    I am not at all surprised you have almost 50 official friends here, you are kind, genuine and beautiful from the inside and out!
    I'm very glad you are my friend!


  14. Oh and La Toya is fit and beautiful! Love her outfits!

    P.s. A typo on one's own name? I blame the iPhone!

  15. wow look at that awesome animal print dress.. i would love a dress like that!! woo hooo

    ShyBiker.. I love this post today.. love that you read fashion mags with all the guys around, so great!!!

    I would love to profile you on my blog sometime if you are interested?? Lets talk.. and get your 50 goal met!! xo j

  16. congrats on reaching 50 followers!

  17. Hey! Does that make me a follower from a new, weird, not-speaking-english-country?? I LOVE it!!