Sunday, January 23, 2011

Annual Motorcycle Show

Every January, there is a huge motorcycle exhibition at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.  I always go and enjoy myself.  I go to the show for two reasons: first, because I inevitably run into a dozen friends there and, second, because I like seeing new motorcycles.

All of the major manufacturers attend and show off their new models.  The bikes are on the floor where you can touch and sit on them.  There's a big benefit to that: many times you'll like a bike in a magazine photo but dislike it in person.  And vice-versa.  There's no substitute for actually seeing a bike in person to know whether it suits you.

I own a large touring-motorcycle that, when it was made, was BMW's top-of-the-line bike (K1200LT).  It's getting old and I plan to replace it in a year or two.  BMW just re-designed that model with all new technology and a larger, more powerful engine (K1600GTL).  For the first time anyone has seen it, the new model was displayed at the show.  Here's what it looks like:

In addition to motorcycles, it's amusing to watch the crowd at the show which includes the wide variety of riders.  There are Harley riders, sportbike riders, Hell's Angels and urban youth.  Many club-riders wear their colors and, this year, I saw a new club: "Psychotic Riders M/C."  The guys sporting those colors looked like they belonged to that club.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?  Do you want to give it a try?  Come hop on mine!


  1. Did you sit on the 1600? I bet it was getting lots of attention. Our neighborhood dealer chartered a bus and sold tickets to take folks up to the show to see the bike. It is nice looking. Hubby says his next big tourer will be a Goldwing. But that's a few years away yet. I am still saying, come on Spring!

  2. I'm hoping you come to Ottawa and we'll go for a ride! I love riding on bikes. Everything just fades away while all my mind's energy goes to to ride.

    I've actually just posted & mentioned my bike. And tagged you to do a similar post. Check it out:

  3. Awww some Hell's Angels!!!!! I watched a special on Gangland and was so interested for some reason! It was really interesting!
    I am so glad you went and had a good time.
    I can't wait for our guest posts friend!!!
    And if I ever come close to NY, we are SO meeting up!!!


  4. I could only dream that my husband would get a bike like this which would have a more comfortable seat for me. I have no interest in actually having my own bike but I do enjoy short rides on the back of his. I wouldn't mind longer rides if the seat wasn't so small and hard. He has a Honda Repsol.

  5. Tiff, it's important to make a passenger comfortable. Touring bikes have big, soft seats, usually with backrests. People who ride with me get first-class luxury!