Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Blue Valentine" (Guest Post from Angela)

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I'm very pleased to present a guest-post from Angela of Everyone Loves Lipstick.  Go visit Angela's blog -- she's a wonderful person and skillful blogger.  Here's her post...

I am not exactly sure what I was expecting when strolling up to the Alamo Draft House Theater with my husband to see "Blue Valentine."  If you have watched any part of the preview for this movie, you know that you only got a simple glimpse into the lives of this young married couple.  I wasn't sure if something "bad" happened in the movie or not, but I figured this might be the case since it started receiving so much buzz after its release in early January.

I was so excited when we visited Austin a couple of weekends ago because the theater in Houston that showed most of the Indie films just recently shut down.  I was absolutely heart-broken and I could go on for days and get on a HUGE soapbox about how there are pretty much NO theaters in Houston showing any kind of Indie films with the exception of our River Oaks Theater that contains two actual theaters.  But I won’t bore you with my rants on the arts in Houston.  That being said, I was elated to find the movie showing on Austin’s 6th St during our visit!

After ordering a club sandwich and a draft Blue Moon, I could hardly wait for the movie to begin.  I was dreaming of all of the different scenarios that could happen to the couple throughout the movie.  I am sure this sounds crazy, but I am a HUGE movie person, sometimes getting so into movies I have to remind myself to come back to reality afterwards!

The movie started out a little slow, but still peaked my interest of course because let’s be honest, Ryan Gosling played the lead role. Enough said.  The film went on to flip back and forth between the growing relationship between these two young adults and the tumultuous marriage that ends up ultimately breaking your heart.

One could make so many different conclusions on what would happen throughout the entire movie, but nothing prepares you for the secrets that are revealed.  I won’t tell you everything that happens amidst this intriguing motion picture since I am hoping you will go see it; but my desire is that I can give you enough insight into the film to peak your interest and send you running to the theater. 

I think any married person in the world would agree that this particular film depicts a true portrayal of the diverse situations that every couple faces from time to time.  I don’t believe that every couple ends up the same way that Cindy and Dean do in the movie, but I understand and appreciate the depiction of hard and trying situations that find their way into most marriages at one point or another. 

Have any of you seen the movie Blue Valentine yet?? If so, what are your thoughts!??

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  1. Great review, Angela!

    Michelle Williams was just nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her performance in this film. (She was previously nominated in 2005 for her supporting role in "Brokeback Mountain.")

  2. Awesome! I really am just going to start going to the theater by myself because there are so many movies I want to see but I know no one I know would want to come with me. Black Swan and this movie are on the top of my list! I don't know much about the film (except I heard a bit about the oral sex scene...) but I'm intrigued. If you liked it, then I'm sure I will, too! :)

  3. Thank you so much Ralph!!!! I loved doing this and I have really enjoyed getting to know you!!I look forward to our continued friendship!
    Your post was absolutely fabulous!
    And Ashley, I go to the movies by myself about once a week, and I love it!!!


  4. Fab post! I have seen Blue Valentine and it made me fall deeper in love with Ryan Gosling. Isn't he amazing? Oh lord, what a performance. I enjoyed this movie a lot. I would recommend it as well.

    Have you seen Get Low? it's incredible. As is Barney's Version.


  5. I loved "Get Low", Tracy. Haven't seen "Barney's Version" yet, but noticed Paul Giamatti (whom I love) won a Golden Globe for it. Thanks for the recommendations.

    Ashley, I love movies and often go alone. If you need company, I'll join you!

  6. I havent seen the movie.. and now I want to..! this was a great post!! and Shybiker.. love that you joined Ashleys guest post.. I also signed up to join!!!

    talk to ya tomorrow!! xoxo J

  7. I literally just asked Kyle if we could see this movie on Saturday, if schedules are permitting. I liked this review! Can't wait to see it :):)

  8. Ooh, what an interesting idea.

    Not seen Blue Valentine, but I've heard only good things! Adding it onto my list... along with Black Swan. x

  9. I Really want to see this movie ! Great post.

  10. Angela, I was just brought over here from the wonderful guest post you have on YOUR blog. Lol. What a fun exchange! :)

    This is a great review. I really want to see this film because I keep hearing amazing things about it. Plus, Michelle Williams is just a doll!

  11. Dear Angela,
    I love you.
    P.S. Let's run away and get married to each other and leave our husbands behind.

  12. What a great post! I need to see the movie... great review, thank you :)

  13. Ralph, at the end of Get Low, I cried so hard. I told my husband, "Ian, I think I need to really have a good cry now." He put his arms around me and I sobbed for about 15 minutes. xo,Tracy

  14. What's not to love about Ryan Gosling!!
    Hey Shybiker thanks for stopping by my blog today
    Really enjoyed your post over at ELL

  15. I know what you mean, Tracy. That movie drained the emotions out of me, too.

  16. I'm not really into new movies at all. Let me explain: I'm a huge movie fun and I've watched thousands of movies (and the good ones at least 3 times each). I'm so disappointed by the lack of new, interesting scenarios, esp. in "holywood movies" that I stick to the old good movies (currently re-watching 60's - 80's cult movies!!). But your post was so interesting and you achieved your goal - I'll go watch that movie!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. I hadn't even heard of it somehow! Now I'm curious.

    We did finish watching "Lars and the Real Girl" the other night...which has Ryan Gosling in a VERY different role and VERY different look. lol

  18. This movie is on my very small must see list.

    In the trailer - Watching her awkwardly dancing while he plays the ukulele has a very real feeling to me. It strikes me as one of those silly, unromanticized moments you might actually share with someone. Very un-hollywood, very real life. I imagine the rest of the movie being unapologetic and raw.

    Thanks for sharing a great post~