Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's On Her Mind?

One of my favorite bloggers isn't a fashion-blogger, she's a motorcyclist who writes about her travels and adventures.  Her name is Fuzzy and her blog is here.

Fuzzy put up an amusing post: a picture of her with an invitation to readers to supply what her thoughts are.  Here's the picture:

We both live in New York, about 500 miles from Virginia.  My suggestion for her thoughts was: "Hmm… it’s only another 250 miles to that new shoe store in Virginia… I can make it before they close."

What do you think she's thinking??  Be creative!


  1. Oh boy, I'm all tears here and missing Germany so so much - I can't believe that five years have passed so quickly.

    Thanks for sharing her link, I've sent it on to Graeme ... he'll totally enjoy it. We hope to do a ride in the USA in the not too distant future and I'd also love to do Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland by bike as well.

    Have a fabulous day

  2. This is great!!! What a biker babe- I wish I could pull that off! I like your shoe idea- she looks very deep in though- perhaps thinking about her next great ride and cute biker chick outfit? xo Emily

  3. Ok, be creative.
    Ok, I will try.
    I am thinking that she is going to Dunkin' Donuts to get some fuel to then go shopping for shoes and then she's running over the doll.

  4. Hmm, I think she's thinking, "If I hit that ramp just right, I'll be able to do the triple somersault and land perfectly on the back tire! Too bad no one will see it. Still, can't wait to blog about it later."


  5. She's fuelling up on donuts, then using her spike heels to stomp all over poor Domo!