Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Trip Outdoors

I hope you all had a nice holiday.  Let me tell you what I'm grateful for -- you!

I've learned so much from you about fashion and friendship.  Your sartorial advice has been frequent and sound; your friendly support has been constant and vital.  Thanks!

Here is an outfit whose very idea came from you: the classic belted cardigan.  I never "saw" this type of look before reading your blogs.  Plus, the first time I wore this cardigan, I used its attached skinny belt in matching color and several of you wisely pointed out that that belt didn't work: that a contrasting color and wider one would be better.  Of course, you were right; I wouldn't have seen that until you pointed it out.

I owe all my progress to you guys!


  1. Thank you so much for your uber sweet comment!! And following :) I really appreciate it. We must be on the same wave length... This morning, for the first time, I paired a belt with a cardigan. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend and hope you go out for Black Friday. XO

  2. Yay for progress! ^^ It suits you a lot, and the belt really gives that something more to the outfit.
    But I'd love to see a better picture of the necklace, it looks interesting! :)

  3. I like it! I rarely belt my cardigans because I have absolutely no waist, but I love this look on other people (a.k.a. you)!

    I hope YOU had a great holiday!

  4. Thanks, guys. I'll showcase that necklace in a future post: it's really cute. Interlocking silver rings, similar to the Olympics logo but with more depth.

  5. That IS one of the best things about blogging, getting things pointed out, getting different perspectives from all over the world AND for free :o)
    I like your outdoor pictures, the colors on the clothes are so much better and you seem happier !
    Also, if I may add these color combination is very flattering on you.

  6. Thanks, Lorena. That kind of feedback is very helpful.

  7. Very cute... and so great to see you outside again. You look so happy! :D

  8. Now that's a cute-ass outfit. I would totally rock that entire look. Love it. All of it.


  9. Wow - great outfit and pose! And is this your back-yard? Beautiful!