Sunday, November 28, 2010

Prince William and Kate

The American public doesn't often pay attention to British aristocracy, but some of my readers live in the U.K. and related regions and may have an interest in it. If so, how do you feel about Prince William (heir to the heir to the throne) getting married to Kate?

I'm relieved to see that Kate is more worldly and prepared for this peculiar new life than Diana (William's mother) was.  Diana was naive and suffered there.  Kate had many years to decide whether to enter this environment and she seems mature enough to make that decision wisely.

Any thoughts?


  1. My Mum is British so I am always in the loop of the British celeb world. I love Kate- I think she's beautiful, intelligent, elegant and of course fashionable! Prince William on the other hand- let's just say that I wouldn't go for him royalty or not!


  2. I think she needs to eat something - she's way too thin! I hope they are very happy, that life seems very challenging and a solid relationship must help a lot.

  3. They are together for a long time now and she is a smart girl. I think she knows what to expect and that she thought about it before makeing this step.
    Actually I'm really excited to see the wedding on tv. I just love royal weddings.

  4. Oh I can't wait for the wedding! They better televise it live here in Oz, or I'll be very cranky!
    Ang xxx

  5. I love Kate, I think she seems lovely! Plus she has an art history degree!! I wouldn't want to be in her position though, the idea of joining the royal family is not very appealing at all.

  6. she seems very sensible. like someone who would be able to put up with the craziness of being a royal. he seems smitten & far more like his mother than his father. they look happy together, so i think they make a good fit.
    i'm just fascinated by the royals. i wish i could have seen charles & diana's wedding!

  7. I keep up with the royal family !
    Total gossip...
    I think that she is getting into something too big, time consuming and stressful.
    I just hope that the Prince is worth it.

  8. Um I'm mad that I have to compete with that wedding! Haha, I think how everything has been treated in their relationship gives them a lot more know how and maturity, instead of a quick, young, forced marriage that it seem Charles and Diana were put into.

    I'm excited to watch the ceremonies, and what she wears!!

  9. im kinda obsessed. i cant wait to see what she wears!