Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something Completely Different

I'm bored with the same old outfit-posts I've been putting up.  Same location; same clothes.  I want to do something completely different.  (You Monty Python fans will catch that reference.)

So!  I gave it some thought and here's what I came up with.  All of the pictures below display the pretty new necklace Poppy gave me, including the last one which is a close-up.  The third picture shows a luxurious green scarf my friend Kara gave me.

I'm eager to hear your comments about any aspect of the clothes or the pictures.


  1. "And now for something completely different!" I totally got the reference!
    I'm so glad you liked the necklace and it looks great on you! Oh and I got your card today too. I laughed so hard at the doggy Michael Jackson; he looked exactly like him! ^_^
    Glad you had a fantastic birthday and thank you again for the card! x

  2. the necklace is super cute & the scarf looks nice & warm. i like the lighting in these pictures a little bit better than the ones youve posted in the past. :)
    ps. nobody expects the spanish inquisition.

  3. The necklace is too cute! I am jealous. :)

    And I agree that the lighting is a bit better in this set, I can see a bit more detail. Always good to shake things up. Who knows...maybe you'll venture outside one of these days! You've already taken some big steps because of the blog, maybe that can be the next one...

  4. I got the reference too. Woot.

    I like the all-white (who said you can't wear white after Labor Day? Pssh!). What kind of pants are those?

    I like the minimalist look of your bedroom.

  5. Thanks, guys! I like this experiment and enjoy hearing your feedback.

    Poppy deserves the credit for the cute necklace.

    I'm glad the lighting is an improvement. I'll keep that in mind for future shoots.

    Ashley, the white "pants" are actually thick cotton leggings (by Hue) which I wear every day in the winter (under my work-pants) to keep warm on my motorcycle. They feel really good and I wanted to share them with you. I love the way they look with white socks (which is what I wear every day in my motorcycle boots).

    Alya, you're reading my mind... or at least my dreams. If I had a companion, I'd do it but I'm too scared to venture out by myself.

  6. The necklace is gorgeous. Ooh boudoir pics - ueber sexy :-)

    I get bored as well ... they're either in the kitchen (because I balance the camera in a pot plant ... lol) or in my bedroom (where I balance it on the windowsil). Yesterday I did take one on my bed with my kitty, but he looked none to please and I looked cheap ;-)

    Thanks for your sweet comments, you're a honey.

  7. The nacklace is cute! And the jacket gives the outfit that little something to make it perfect! Not a big fan of the scarf, but that's just me, hehe :)

  8. The necklace is cute! Well done Poppy :)

    I really like the all white look and I particularly like the scrunchy look of the socks over the leggings, very nice!

    (I completely missed the ref though! I never really watched all that much Monty Python)

  9. I didn't get the reference! Then again, I only saw one Monty Python movie.

    The necklace is very pretty! I am also liking the all white ensemble. You look mega comfortable.

  10. Love the necklace! It's so pretty!
    You think I sound like Billie Piper! that's the best compliment I've ever received! I love her! We both come from places with no regional accent so there's not too much distinction! :)

  11. Hee, I love Monty Python.

    What a lovely necklace! And I enjoy the change of scene.

    BTW, Dots in Canada is NOT the same as Dots in the US. Dots here is a store that sells off manufacturers' samples at discounted prices.

  12. in the top photos, you look all cosy, like you're waiting for your honey to come cuddle!

  13. Great necklace! the last outfit is my fave xx

    If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my Zoemou Necklace Giveaway @

  14. That is a sweet necklace, I really like it!
    As for those glitter heels I got.. you should get some ;) they have them in a multi pinky colour too!

  15. ooh that necklace is really pretty, i love it!

  16. Cute. I love how intimate these photos are. And white is always chic. By the way, after about a month off, I am getting back into blogging. Feel free to stop by, if you want!

  17. I LOVE the striped sweater with this ensemble ! You look Fab !

  18. Wow!! Francy is back!!

    Everyone head over to her new blog -- Francy is the most cultured blogger around.

  19. Honey, love the monochromatic look. And the leggings with the socks look sporty. REH

  20. The pendant is really pretty. You are very lucky to have such dear people in your life. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  21. Monty Python? Heck yes!!

    I like these and I think you should do more like them. These pictures remind me of a CD cover or something, very cute!