Thursday, November 25, 2010


I like baseball.  I played it when I was young.  Baseball has a poetry about it that's missing from other organized sports.

When I visit stadiums around the country, I always bring home a ball as a memento.  Every stadium sells balls with the logo of their team on it.  They're pretty, can be used to play catch, and serve as a reminder of the experience.

For my birthday, I asked Robin to get me a large wooden bowl in which I could display my balls.  (You have a dirty mind!)  Here it is: I like the way it turned out...


  1. May your hearts and home be full of divine blessings on this Thanksgiving!

  2. The bowl looks so fancy with all the balls in it! :o

  3. Awesome Idea! I was at a Baseballgame when I was on Vacation in Toledo 6 or 7 years ago, it was so much fun! And, of course, I bought a Baseball.

  4. How did I never see this post?? Weird. Anyway, you and I share a love for baseball. My husband and I try to visit other ballparks too. I have a bowl full of balls that have been thrown to me by SF Giants players. We share a season ticket package and go to tons of games. We also go to Spring Training every March in AZ.

    When you come to SF I'll take you to a game!!


  5. I love, love, love baseball and your town is one of my favorite places. I spent my honeymoon there a decade ago. Didn't see the stadium though, so that's a future treat.