Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Fashion

I have good news and good news!
First, I figured out how to load pictures onto this borrowed computer so I can (and later today will) post an autumn outfit.
Second, I shot the pictures outdoors!!!!  Amidst the pretty leaves.

Finally, to tide you over, I just found the most attractive winter-clothing ever.  Made of wool and intended to be long-underwear, the top and bottom are super-stylish.  I’d wear the top alone for fashion-purposes, but there is a matching bottom if you want the warmth.
They’re available here: top and bottom


  1. Yaaay!! I love that you reposted these! I'm wearing the top right now and it is warm. I'm wearing the black version of those bottoms and they are COMFY. I would recommend these to anyone and everyone. Stay warm this season! :o)

  2. The bottoms could be winter leggings...

    Oooh! If only they weren't wool! I'm allergic- boo!

  3. Thanks, Brittany, for letting me steal these pictures -- they are too cute not to! I'd love to see a picture of you in the top.

  4. Hey, no problem. SmartWool love for everyone! I just washed the top so I will definitely be wearing it soon. And I DID order the bottoms! You will be receiving a picture of me frolicing in my stripey outfit sometime. :oD