Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What do you read?  Which magazines do you like best?

I read a lot and of the dozens of periodicals I peruse, right now there is no better magazine than The New Yorker.  It wasn't always as good as it is now, but the current editors turn out the best writing around.

In addition to smart political commentary, it examines a wide range of subjects with extraordinary depth and accuracy.  Several of its articles have broken journalistic ground to serious acclaim.

I have a subscription to The New Yorker and read every issue cover-to-cover.

Another magazine I subscribe to is Harper's (not Harper's Bazaar).  It fulfills my intellectual desires and has exceptional prose.

I survey most "women's magazines" and subscribe to Glamour which is my favorite.  Which is your favorite?

I also read all motorcycle magazines in print but I doubt you want to hear about them.  The best of that bunch is one called "Rider" which focuses more on adventures you can have than on boring specs of machines.


  1. My Faves are Glamour and Marie Claire.

  2. I collect Vogue, mainly for the editorials. I have every copy from 2004-present, which isn't too much but it will be if I continue! Someday, they'll be "vintage," and I think it's oh-so-fun to look at vintage copies of Vogue, but they seem pretty hard to find.

    I also read Lucky and People Style Watch on a regular basis.

    I'm dreaming of a subscription to the Economist! I don't have time to read it right now, but that'll change soon...

  3. Up until recently I still read teenager magazines lol. But I mostly read National Geographic and Nylon :)

  4. i wont lie: i collect any rag that publishes any band im even remotely interested in. be it UK, USA or otherwise that published it. on the whole though, i tend to favor vogue & marie claire.

    ps. i worked at a borders for over a year, so i'm totally familiar with rider. ;)

  5. Oh, you just reminded me RMb, I also have a subscription to Rolling Stone. I got it when I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three years ago.

    I read RS to try to stay on top of the music world but I have to confess that most of the new bands are unknown to me. I'm old...

  6. I buy American and British Vogue, love Lucky and always enjoy Harpers Bazaar. I don't so much read them as look at the pictures! And I'd love to read more about Rider magazine. Tell us more!

  7. Most motorcycle magazines talk only about the mechanical specifications of bikes, because they cater to men who fetishize such details. To me, that misses the point.

    What matters about a motorcycle, and what Rider provides content about, is what you can do with it. The experiences you can have, the thrills you can enjoy. A bike's capacities are important but only to how they affect this; by themselves, specs are merely abstract numbers.

    Rider keeps this in mind and offers interesting travel-adventure stories. When profiling particular bikes, the magazine explains how its abilities affect your riding by, e.g., describing how it actually handles and not just how it would register on a dynometer (used to measure power).

  8. I buy Glamour, but that's it. I used to read National Geographic and Rolling Stone, but I found I just didn't have to time to read them all and still read books.

  9. Scientific American Mind is my favorite. :) It's the only one I really have time for, and can justify since it's work related.

  10. I enjoy IN STYLE.
    There is something about that magazine that I just love !
    The bad part is it gets here 2 months later.

  11. I'm a magazine junkie! The New Yorker, Vogue, W., Better Homes and Gardens, Harper's, random literature and art magazines. I found an amazing fashion and art magazine awhile called Zink just perusing the magazines at Barnes and Noble. I haven't gotten an issue in awhile, but it had some of the most beautiful editorials I've ever seen.

  12. Oh, and National Geographic. I'm so addicted.

  13. My choices of periodicals and magazines are very varied, let alone my picks in books. I'm lucky to have lived with a room mate who subscribed to the New Yorker so that gave me my first taste of that publication.

    On fashion mags, I have subscription to Glamour and Marie Claire as they have features on social awareness and in their own way, try to be more than just fashion.

    At home on the coffee table, you can find: Formula One, Dwell, House and Home, Conde Nast and sometimes, British publications.

    I'd read all the day if I can! =)

  14. I read voraciously myself and admire others who do likewise, especially with a wide range of subjects. I can't imagine a better day than reading on a soft sofa with endless cups of tea!

  15. I love magazines! We always have a huge stack of them to go out for recycling. That is of course after I've hung on to them for much longer than I should have.

    I read, in no particular order: National Geographic, SPIN, Rolling Stone, Road Runner, Rider, Cycleworld, Sport Rider, Rider and Budget Traveler.