Thursday, November 18, 2010


A blogger I follow, Lorena, felt pretty yesterday.  She wondered why, since it wasn't the clothes she wore or that her hair was okay.  She just felt good.

We all love to feel attractive.  What does that for me is staying in shape. When I feel fit, my outlook is rosy and my view of myself soars.  Being physically strong makes you confident and sexy.

So... how do we get that way?

I start with the basics.  I walk.  A lot.  The human body is designed to walk and that simple movement exercises innumerable muscles in a natural manner.  Walking is easy to do, requires no equipment or gym and can be squeezed into even the busiest of days.

Plus it gets oxygen into your lungs which I've found reduces stress and lightens your mood.  The local post office is 1/2 mile from my workplace and, every day, I walk there two or three times.  The brief break always refreshes me and pulls my head out of the stress and aggravation of my day.  (And, dealing with bad people acting harshly, I have LOTS of that.)

I can do this while wearing a suit and being still "at work."  In fact, I find I sort work-things out in my head during the walks and return with new ideas and new vigor for getting stuff done.  The breaks are productive.

Do you walk?  What else do you do to stay in shape?


  1. Love this post! Thanks for all the sweet comments you leave me on my blog! I swear they make me smile! On the exercise note I lift weights and run. Way to go for feeling good on the inside!!


  2. Yay a fellow walker!! :) I try to do the same. I have to walk my pup Louie, we live in an apartment so he has to be walked all the time. I usually take him for an hour after dinner, to prep me for the homework that I have to do. I also walk back and forth through the warehouse all day. I try to space out all the things I have to file on purpose so I can walk. I wish I could walk around outside at lunch, but I cannot go by myself because I work in a bad area of Detroit. It is mostly okay during the day, but no one really should go alone, it gets pretty bad out here at times.

    Please share more tips! I love making myself "workout without knowing it" :D

  3. LaToya, I've seen the many impressive references to fitness on your blog. The most amazing - and the rest of you should pay attention to this! - is that you took a man on a first-date to a gym-workout. Wow!

    Sara, having had a dog myself, I came to learn that he walked me, not the other way around. :)

  4. I walk to and from work Mon-Thurs (it's 40-45 min each way, so about 2.5 miles), and I do a 30 min walk that includes a very big staircase (I do 5 sets up and down the stairs) at lunch. I also do "pee pushups": every time you pee, before I wash my hands, I do 10 pushups off the bathroom counter - it's been amazing for my upper body and strength!

    Walking is so good for my mental health - I love the 'warm up' and 'cool down' before and after work. I race-walked a full marathon a couple of years ago.

  5. As always, you're my hero, Sheila!

  6. I am so terribly lazy, I should be ashamed of myself.
    In high school I did track and field, i only did it because a long time crush suggested I was lazy and I wanted to prove him wrong. I worked my butt off on that field ! That was it.
    Then I joined a gym while in college but I felt it was a waste of my time and money-
    I have tried to set up a routine walk, I live a block away from a park I could walk in and I live 7 walking minutes away from work- but I haven't.
    Now that I have said it I feel even worst !
    PS. thanks for the heads up !

  7. when i lived in korea i lived near the edge of the city which was surrounded by mountains so i hiked on a regular basis & swam. now im so lazy i do nothing. i need to change that.

  8. I used to walk a lot...not so much any more due to time issues. I used to walk to class, but then it got too cold. In the summer, I walk all. the. time. I used to run, but I have bad knees...really, I think walking is healthier for you anyway.

  9. Walking is healthier than running, which causes frequent and unnecessary injuries.

  10. I LOVE walking. One time I got roped into getting a gym membership and all I did at the gym was walk on the treadmill lol. Now I just walk in the neighborhood or if it is rainy me and my son walk at the mall.