Friday, November 19, 2010


Tomorrow (Nov. 20th) is the "Transgender Day of Remembrance," an occasion created a decade ago to memorialize the many who are harmed and killed by violence simply because they're perceived to be different.  If you ever look at the facts and prevalence of those crimes, they'll make you cry.

It is a sad event.  There are vigils and memorials around the country.

I mention this event not to depress you but to create more awareness of the issue.  The first step to combatting cruelty resulting from prejudice is to educate people about what's actually happening in the world so they can understand and later oppose it.

P.S., I hope you don't mind that I'm posting a lot lately.  I post when I have something to say and, lately, my mind has been fertile.  I've thought about restricting my posts to an arbitrary number (e.g., one per day) but that's silly.  Besides, it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to...


  1. I too hope that people stop these hate crime and gain the strength to accept things and people who are different from them, even though they might comprehend the reasons.

    Also, agree with you that it is your blog and you have the right to do whatever you wish! :) More power to self - expression!

  2. Love you! I have a post scheduled for this tommorrow, nothing special, just awareness.

  3. Post as much as you like, we are reading (even if I don't comment on every one)....

    I just never understood this sort of hatred, and the desire to govern others' lives in areas beyond basic public safety. I don't understand this complusion to push people into molds, instead of accepting their true selves as they are revealed.

    And I wonder, am *I* missing something, or is it that those folks are completely crackers?

    Someone please explain....

  4. They're the crazy ones, buddy, not you. Intolerance is a terrible flaw.

  5. I just wanted to let you know I finally had some time to catch up on blog reading and have really enjoyed what you've posted in the last week. I like all of the updates and I'm sad your computer has/had a virus because it means no outfit posts! I'm loving the two pictures of leaves you posted a few days ago. I do appreciate that you take the time to comment on my blog and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to read yours and comment back. Sometimes I have more time and sometimes I have less. :o) I just wanted to let you know I've been thinking about you and I'm glad it sounds like you're doing well.

  6. Thanks, Brittany; that's a lovely note. Our time to blog/comment fluctuates with our lives, which is normal.

    A lot of my blogger-friends are college-students and, right now, they're totally immersed in studying -- and neglecting their blogging. :)

  7. That makes sense! I'm doing the NaNoBloMo, so I'm posting every day this month, hence many posts that don't totally have a point. Ha ha!

  8. Oh I wish all these hateful things would just somehow stop once and for all. I don;t understand why can't people just live their own lives and let other people live theirs!!

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  9. I agree with you, Trishna. As much as is humanly possible.