Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bustin' Loose

Most of the time, most of us pose decorously.  But, once in a while, the joy that comes from wearing pretty clothes incites us to cut loose and show the world what real happiness looks like.

Here are some of my favorite bloggers in the grip of fashion-excitement.  These pictures are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Winner of the 2010 "Leap For Joy" competition, Natalie shows us how to have fun.  She has a great blog showcasing her personal style and abundant energy.

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, Tracy has the coolest job of any of us - she's a trapeze-artist.  I'm not kidding!  And her fashion-blog is always fun to read.

Voted "Most Likely To Blog" in high school, Ashley is the Glamour Queen of fashion-blogs.  She is impossibly beautiful and creatively stylish.  Her blog has substance and wit and deserves to be on your must-read list.

I don't know how Wendy got to South Africa 'cause she walks and talks like an American.  Every so often, however, she drops references to Guy Fawkes and Celsius, so I have to turn to Wikipedia to learn what she's talking about.  It's fun to have her as a global friend.

With enough personality for three bloggers, Sheila is everyone's favorite, the one you can't wait to see what she wearing.  What really draws you to Sheila, however, is the authenticity of her personality.  She's sweet, she responds to every comment, and she's Canadian.  She projects confidence and strength and her Wonder Woman poses are imitated all over the Internet.  I've never met Sheila but I love her.  You will, too.

If you want to make the next highlight reel, all you have to do is post a similar picture on your own blog.  Why not?  Fashion is all about having fun.


  1. OMG!! Thank you for featuring me on your blog!! You are the sweetest ever! (Happy pose with smile)

    Also I'm enjoying checking out your other friends blogs. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


  2. Yay! Thanks so much for featuring me here! And your sweet comments totally made my day. Back in the day, I was actually hoping I'd get voted "Best Dressed" in high school, but didn't quite make it. Most Likely to Blog is much better. ;)

    Tracy is one of my favorite people on the interwebs (so are you, of course), and I've checked out Shelia's blog (fabulous pose, by the way) before. I haven't heard of the other bloggers though, so I'm excited to take a look!

    Thanks again!

  3. Aw, you are adorable, thank you so much for featuring me. :)

  4. Such an interesting showcase! Fabulous ladies. I always enjoy being introduced to new blog. Will check out their blogs over the weekend! :)

  5. These jumping shots are amazing! They are difficult to pull off too. You have to time it just right.

  6. What a cute idea, like a high school yearbook! My mom was voted "Best Groomed" in high school. hehe I was voted nothing. lol So I will aspire to be voted something here! ;)

  7. I just found your blog via Sheila's, and I agree she's fabulous! Definitely a blogger that I'd love to meet in person someday.

  8. Aaah! I really thought I commented on this before, but it looks like I didn't! I apologize.

    Thanks for featuring me. I'm truly honored! :D

    These are some of my favorite bloggers as well!