Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unexpected Benefits

A decade ago, I had an insight about motorcycling.  Just now, I had a similar insight about fashion.  The revelations are analogous.

After learning how to ride a motorcycle, I realized that my ability to drive cars improved significantly.  Insurance company researchers have confirmed this -- motorcyclists, when they drive cars, get in fewer accidents than non-motorcyclists.

The reason is obvious.  To operate a motorcycle safely, you need to pay close attention and develop skills at assessing traffic-situations.

Over the past four years, I've shopped for and worn female clothes.  I just realized that my male wardrobe is significantly improving.  The skills I've learned from dressing female have migrated and improved my ability to dress as a man.

This is not unimportant.  I now shop more effectively for male clothes; I know where to look and what to buy; and I gather individual pieces to combine into attractive (male) outfits.  Looking in my closet, I'm impressed at my male clothing and have more sartorial tools at my disposal.

The reason for this benefit is the same one from motorcycling -- I pay more attention now to shopping and have developed greater skill at buying and wearing clothes.

Neurologists and psychologists agree that knowledge learned for one purpose often gets used for other purposes.  Our brains aren't limited; improving one area sets the stage for improving other areas.

Has this ever happened to you? 

For example, if you help a husband or boyfriend with his wardrobe, are you better at shopping for him than he is?  Why do you believe that's true?


  1. That is a SUPER SEXY photo of you!!!!! Very James Bondish!

  2. Love the photo!

    I don't help my boyfriend with his wardrobe (he's really very stylish) but I do consider myself to be really good at shopping for myself and others because I do it so much. I should do less shopping, but I don't want to squander my talents by not using them. ;-)

  3. What a great insight! I never would have connected the two, but yes, it makes perfect sense. I sometimes help my boyfriend shop, but I tend to shy away from it. But I don't think he minds when I help him, which is nice (I don't let him help me when I shop, lol).

    Your skin is *glowing* in your photo! Love it.


  4. That's a really interesting correlation, and it's one that I actually started to notice myself with my scooter in just the past month. I'm a much more alert driver, and I'm better at checking my blind spots.

    I don't help the fiance with his wardrobe, though...I am woefully ignorant on what constitutes "male fashion." It doesn't help that his ideal outfit consists of a t-shirt and jeans, with a technical hoodie if it's chilly. Eh, it doesn't bother me...his plain outfits make me the sartorial star of us as a couple :)

    Love your male glamour shot, btw. You look so happy and dapper!

  5. Wow yes, that makes sense!!! X

  6. Love this photo!!! I help my Hubby all the time he is more comfortable in board shorts, t shirts and no shoes. So he does need a little bit of help if were not going to the beach which is 90% of the time and the no shoe's drives me insane!!!!

  7. Great picture - and i love the analogy, I always say that its good to learn things, anything - as you never know when it will work for you.

  8. Oh great photo! I think you are quite right and that skills like that transfer. If you are good at selecting clothes, you are probably good at it for either gender because you have learned to pay attention to quality, fit, colours, textures, proportions and all such things which help to make an outfit look good. I always think I became a better pedestrian after I learned to drive, both in terms of my own safety but also in being considerate of drivers' needs. Especially at crosswalks without lights. Many people find a belated understanding of their own parents when they become parents themselves. It's sure interesting how one thing can really open our eyes and minds to something related.

  9. great post and you, Mr. Bond, are dashing!

  10. I have noticed that I want to dress more fancy in men's wear as well.