Friday, May 2, 2014

The Magical Journey Continues...

The magical pink boxing gloves are picking up steam -- they just floated from Oregon to California.  San Diego, in particular, where they adorn one of my favorite bloggers, Daphne.

I have huge respect for Daphne.  She treats fashion seriously.  On a daily basis, she creates chic outfits for her life and then displays them on her blog.  We see Daphne both posing like the rest of us and then wearing her creations in real-life situations.  Daphne integrates fashion into her life in an authentic manner.

Often drawing inspiration from fashion magazines, Daphne explores new trends and hot pieces.  I've learned from her what works and what doesn't.  Anyone interested in the changing world of fashion should tune into Daphne's blog to keep abreast of new trends and see how they play out.

Naturally, Daphne's take on the pink boxing gloves is uniquely her own.  That's the magical part of the gloves -- they inherently lend themselves to personal style.  Go see what Daphne has done with them and consider sticking around her blog for a while.  I'll meet you there!


  1. this idea is so fun! i can't wait to see more styles with that gloves!

  2. This is fun! It's the sisterhood of the traveling pink gloves!

  3. You are so sweet. Thank you so much for such flattering comments. I can't wait to see how the gloves are used by the next blogger.