Saturday, May 3, 2014

Animal Love

I love animals and am fortunate to have had several companions in my life.  Rover, Rover II, Gulfie, Cat Mama, Moozy and, of course, Juno.

I know the profound depth of affection humans can feel for their companions.  Perhaps you have felt that yourself.  If you have, feel free to tell us the name of your beloved pet in the comments.

I went to a famous pet cemetery today.  Instead of being morbid, the cemetery teems with love.  You can tell from the inscriptions on the tombstones how palpable people's affections are.  Let me share some of these with you and see if you too can sense their emotions.


















  1. I lost my best friend Said last October, one week before her 18th birthday. She was the most loyal and affectionate 'puppy', her death took away a piece of our hearts and the grief was almost overwhelming. A few months ago we felt strong enough to allow another little girl into our lives and along came Bronte-- full of energy, mischief and love. Furry friends fill our lives with joy. Thank you for the cemetery images they were really touching.

  2. Aw, those are lovely. I will forever miss my beloved Othello and Inigo, two kitties who were well-represented on my blog for years. They give so much love and joy to our lives.

  3. I have shared my life with many animals and loved them all. With a little bit of guilt, two have been very special to me, and it may be in part due to my bias and great love for long haired tabbies that are part Maine Coon. Sophie, my current cat pal, is such a one. Years ago I had a similar looking male cat named Mystic. He was very sweet and gentle, while Sophie is a little more rambunctious though also sweet when she wishes to be.

  4. I wake up every morning with my Hubby spooning me and me spooning the cat. My Mindy cat is a little bit of a miracle as he suffered kidney failure and the vet said he should only last six months at the most and it has been well over 5 years now. I think it the power of love we all share together.

  5. Wow, I didnt know they had pet cemetaries like this!! AWesome!! I had Deze (sounds like deh-zie) for 18 years. She was 19 when she passed away last August and there was a huge hole in my heart for a long time when she left us. I would wake up at night with tears because she wasnt there sleeping on my stomach as she had done for all those years. She lived a good healthy long life and had been with me longer than I had been in any relationship. She was my little black and white companion and even to this day I miss her dearly!!

  6. Wow... this is spooky. We just lost Billie, our dog. She died last week. She was with George for 13 years and I joined their lovely team 5 years ago. It's still very fresh for me and I'm still crying my ass off every day missing her... She was a special dog (named after Billie Ray Martin). R.I.P. Billie, you were loved!

  7. Awww, this brings me tears! I still have my naughty snowshoe Siamese, Bebop, who fit in my hand when we found him in the road, now he's a 20 lb beast! But 2 years ago I lost my dog Ty (the love of my life,) who was 16 and I still can't bare the thought of a new pup...

  8. Oh God yes. Such wonderful tributes and I wish there was a place like this around here for my furry kids. I lost my oldest Bichon suddenly in 2011 and my Tree Walker Coonhound last year. (Tributes to both on my blog.)

    There isn't a day that goes by that I don't mourn their absence, but I know I will be with them at some point again. I do believe that.

    The love we share with animals is so intense, so unconditional, so special and so their loss is so profound, I think.

    If I am aware of my last moments in this life I will be gazing toward the other side, eagerly awaiting the greetings of my loving companions on my arrival. Puppy kisses and tail wags-heaven if you will!

    Wonderful post! Thank you!

  9. I lost Gomez last year. My 23 year old tuxedo cat. He'd been with me nearly my whole life. I got a tribute tattoo for him, the one on my back.

    He was there for me through everything I've ever went through and I miss him like mad.

    I hope I can have Watson for twenty years. He's the second tuxedo cat I've ever had.

    All my pets have been special, but even sometimes there are the super special ones.

  10. Awe... now I really miss my Chesapeake Taya, but I'm lucky that my Cairn Pixie is alive and doing well!

  11. What a sweet place. Bitter sweet. The gravestones are so darling.
    Love how you captured the wildlife in the area as well.

  12. it's so sweet and a little sad.
    I lost only one beloved pet and it was almost 15 years ago but still I miss my snowhite babycat a lot.
    I do hope my dogs won't leave me. My elder labradore Elen is not perfect now, and taking similar meds as my greatgrandma but I hope 12 years is not an age for her. My boys Surak and Raidho are far too young to think of getting older (2 and 3 years old)

  13. Unfortunately, pet cemeteries in my head will also be associated with that terrifying book. This one is so sweet, and you can definitely feel the love these peopl had for their pets. Our dog is definitely a huge part of our family!

  14. I live for my furbabies, and whenever the horrible thought of their passing comes to mind I can't imagine how I'd react. But unlike the people who paid for these burial sites, I would never bury them in a cemetery. I don't see the point in using up resources to fill up land with boxes of dead beings (human or non-human). In the end, they become lonely plots of land anyways.

  15. Amazing photos of a very special place where you can see the love ... Our beloved Lassie died the day before our wedding anniversary a couple of years ago (and we buried him in our back garden under the tree where he went to sleep ~ although it is 'illegal' we did it anyways as for the 13 years we had him that was his 'dogdom'.... He was the most loving and loyal animal ~ he was fiercely protective of our son and would have ripped anyone apart should they have hurt him although he was otherwise kind and gentle. Before he died we got another puppy (the son of my niece Taryn's dog) who has the most amazing character and is our little soccer star ... Animals sure bring unconditional joy into our lives and have a special place in heaven when they leave us here on earth.

  16. Lovely post Ally. Here's something I wrote for my sweet Emma, who died on Mother's Day six years ago.

    True Happiness in the Life of a Dog

    The joy of rolling around in

    dead things.
    was the greatest happiness in life
    for my dear sweet dog, Emma.

  17. This is so sweet ! I only had two pet rabbits and when each one of them died, my heart broke, they were 8 and 9 years old and were family members. Pets can give so much love ! Beautiful post.

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  18. And now my eyes are teary. :( I've lost pets in the past, and it's always like a piece of my heart is torn out.

  19. I have had three pets in my life, growing up I loved our cat, Cha, she was a rescue kitten that we took in but sadly past away, and I also have a little Chihuahua, called him Gustav. :) Aw, this was such a sweet post buddy. :)

  20. What a cool place to visit!!

    Sometimes I creep around cemeteries looking for cool last names I can use in stories. I have tons of first names and never enough last names.

  21. This makes me so sad to think about. My dogs are like my children and I dread them getting old. I hope they are a part of my family for a long, long time!

    The Tiny Heart

  22. Touching. I prefer cremation, but it's interesting to see all of those pet tributes. "Champ, Aptly Named" is my favorite.