Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blogger Meetup

Last August, I had the good fortune to meet Lorena, a blogger from another country in Central America.  She was visiting New York and invited me for a cup of coffee at a diner in the city.

We had a delightful time.  Lorena is exceptionally charming with a generous spirit.  I liked her instantly and I believe she felt the same way.  The hours we spent together flew by in minutes.

Today, Lorena returned to New York to see a concert.  She again invited me to join her and this time we had a wonderful meal together.  We talked as if no time had elapsed since our last meeting.  Our rapport was manifest and enjoyable.  I hope to see her again before she flies home.

Have you ever met other bloggers in person?  If not, I recommend it.

While in the city, I snapped a few shots which came out nice.  Here they are...


  1. This is awesome...I want to do this one day

  2. I'm trying to figure out how to possibly meet up with Ashley next month. I've never met any of my blogging friends IRL, and I'd love to! Would love to meet you too someday.

  3. I love Lorena! She seems like she's such a genuine, good person :) I'm glad you can confirm this for us!

  4. I've yet to make a blogger meet-up happen, though I am sure it will happen one day. I've just begun following Lorena.

  5. Omg! That sounds so awesome. Congrats on getting to hang out with Lorena.

    I have never met another blogger in real life. I don't know if Middle TN area is just lacking in bloggers or if I've just missed those in my area. I am always up for meeting anyone if they're passing through (I once missed Kasmira who found out where I lived right after she had left Nashville, I think I was even at the Parthenon within a day or two of her). I also don't travel much, but I would love to hang out with with other bloggers!

  6. She is cute! I love the pics too. Yes, blogger meet-ups are fun, I have not done that in a while.

  7. Sounds like you had a fun time with Lorena.

    I fortunately have two blogger 'friends' who are my sisters and another one who is a very close friend.

  8. Meeting you was a highlight for me. And I'm looking forward to our next meeting.


  9. Oh this was so very nice of you Ally :)
    I am just getting to a computer and sitting down to catch up.
    My flight was late and I got in at midnight ! and then right back to work.
    I also had a wonderful time. I am sorry I did not call before I left (as I had promised I would - shame on me).
    Indeed time flew by -as it often happens when talking to friends - I hope next time I talk less and hear more about you. Thank you for listening.
    I was actually able to do a lot of stuff, got to the Cloisters, had an afternoon at the MET, went to my SUPER FAB AMAZING CONCERT, Central Park, Hell's Kitchen flea, Garage flea in Chelsea, shopped, ate a lot and had a safe trip back.
    I will be back in the US probably mid year - so if I go back to NY then I will let you know :)

  10. Just realized that we forgot to take a picture.