Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something New

I want to try new poses.  New ways of presenting myself.  This post is an example of that effort.  The outfit itself isn't really important: what matters to me is experimenting with new angles, new postures, new moods.

I'm pleased with this result, except for unexpected reflection from my pink lipgloss.  What do you think of this experiment?


  1. Cute :) It's good to experiment.

    Try sitting like you did in the first picture but at an angle, too. Oooh, and also from the first picture cross your ankles and point your toes. Just some extra suggestions to play with!

  2. I like the first one, it really shows off the shoes. Its always fun to change things up a bit.

  3. Thanks, Bri. I'm looking for suggestions like those.

    I really want to expand my repertoire, both for outfit-posts and real-life. Nobody ever taught me this stuff; learning it is intensely joyful for me.

  4. I love that you're trying new poses. I'm very shy about posing and feel like a dork every time I take pictures. I think we should all get together and teach each other new poses. Blogger poses 101.


  5. Oooh I like these new angles! Can't wait to see more outfit posts in new and interesting places/positions! =]

  6. Very cute. I like the close-up of your shoes in the first one!

  7. I love new things and always wondered why most fashion-bloggers do the same poses and use the same backdrops over and over. It's fun and creative to break out of that routine.

    Tracy, I want to enroll in your course!

    I've seriously been looking for advice on posing and body-movement and have been surprised not to see any among all the bloggers I follow. Any of you want to post some on your blogs?

  8. I love sitting like the first pose- very innocent and it shows off the outfit in a great way! For the second pose you could extend your left arm out so it is elongated as well as your legs- creates a long and lean profile! I love the flats! I find it hard to mix up locations as my partner tends to hibernate in the cold months which means all the pictures are inside!


  9. i like both shots. i always do the same thing in my photos so kudos for trying something new!

  10. aww, you look so adorable! I kind of like the sparkle in the lipgloss!

  11. cool~ i seem so many ppl post pix of themselves.. makes me want to do it too.. haha...

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  12. I love that you're playing with poses - awesome! Try angling your head and then looking in the camera - face-on is always tricky (passport photos, ugh!).

  13. Precious! I fail to remember sitting poses, because I take most pics outside but you are indoors where it is warm! I like them also because it is a little easier to see the details as well :)

  14. i love both these poses & i think you look amazing. also, i LOVE your shoes. :)

  15. I agree with Melrose, I do like the lipgloss - shiny is apparently makes your lips more full and prominent!

    Sometimes I try to visit friend's blogs and try to remember the poses they do that I love but then, once we get outside to actually shoot, I just feel completely awkward and forget everything, ha ha!

    I say what helps is creating a storyboard, how do you want to portray yourself today? Happy? Confident? Or a role - are you the bitchy but effective boss today or the shy girl next door?

    Love the new poses!


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  16. the lipgloss is quite shiny! and trying out new poses is always fun I find

  17. I like the first one! Good idea. I like that you thought enough to block the bathing suit area with your hands. I guarantee you, if I tried a pose like that, I'd forget. I'm pretty good at accidentally flashing people and walking around half exposed. I'll probably get arrested for indecent exposure someday. Hopefully when I'm about 80.

    I need some new poses. Good idea!

  18. I like the first one especially. Gloss + shoe reflection = awesome!

    And while we're on the topic on poses: Dopey Fashion Poses (really funny)!


  19. I was actually going to compliment the gloss.... :)
    I think the poses are really cute and you look very comfortable -
    BTW I need a pair of flats like yours...

  20. I love how these poses show your playful side! :) I think they look great. You look even more like you're having a good time with it.

    The only advice I have is that I like to take pictures from different angles when I can, as opposed to straight-on. Try some with the camera angled downward, some upward, some diagonal. I just like the artistic edge it lends. I like to do some photos looking at the camera and some kind of looking off to the side or in the distance. I usually prefer to smile, at least a small one, but sometimes a more serious expression works better depending on the situation. I'm kinda over the pissed-off-model look, though. ;)

    When I do a "shoot," I get as many pictures as I can and just do tons of different poses that feel natural at the time. They won't all look good and definitely won't all make it on our blog, but you won't know if they work til you try 'em, and no one else even has to know. When Kam is shooting me, sometimes we'll end up with 100 or more pics! lol

    Oh, and good lighting is really important too, which I regrettably don't always achieve on my own.

    I agree, I get kinda bored with the same poses and backdrops!! I tend to pose similarly in most personal photos, though, despite my "advice"...one hand on a hip with my face turned slightly towards the left and slightly down. haha