Friday, December 10, 2010

All-Time Favorite TV Show

I was really impressed by your responses to my last post on icons.  Your comments were candid and interesting.  Culture plays a huge role in our lives and understanding which particular icons appeal to us reveals a lot about who we are inside.

I'd like to continue exploring the subject of influences, this time from the ubiquitous medium of television.  My question is: what TV show most influenced you?  What TV show captured your closest attention?

For most of us, it's a show from our childhood or early youth, usually with a character we identify with.  Who's your favorite character?

During my youth (and likely before your time), Mary Tyler Moore starred in a show named after her, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."  In it, Mary played a woman working at a local TV station.  The show was a comedy and had great actors in it (e.g., Lou Asner; Valerie Harper; Ted Knight; Gavin MacLeod; Betty White).

The show explored what it was like for a young woman to be in the workplace.  It's considered a feminist classic because of the ground it covered; as important as that, the show was engaging because you learned to care about Mary and her co-workers.  Mary believed her colleagues at work were "family" to her and she ended up loving them.

What was your all-time favorite TV show?  Why?


  1. Hmmm... when I was a kid, I looked up to wonder Woman and Princess Ardala.

    I wish I looked as good now as Lynda Carter looks now. And isn't she 110?

  2. Goddesses never lose their looks. MTM is amazing; Julie Newmar is still fit and trim; and Jane Fonda just put out a new exercise video (and she's in her 70s!).

  3. I watched old reruns of Emergency! when I was younger. Also, Little House on the Prairie. I'd say Little House on the Prairie had the most influence on me...although I don't really think that I was shaped by watching it! I just really liked it. Had every episode taped on VHS. I always liked historical fiction when I was younger, so I suppose my liking for Little House was because of that.

    I watched the Mary Tyler Moore Show once or twice, but it wasn't on very often when I was watching TV!

  4. You and me both, Shybiker - MTM. I loved her life and wardrobe as a child, and I love Rhoda too. THey were both single, happy in themselves and fabulously dressed - everything I wanted! I ended up working as a TV producer for more than a decade but alas, never quite got the magical wardrobe, and never got the opportunity to toss my hat in the air. I still watch her on cable and still love every thread she wears.

  5. Probably I Love Lucy and Happy Days. I actually still have a little crush on Desi Arnaz.

  6. Baxter, I loved Mary's clothes. She was often shown dressing and pulling stuff from her closet: I lived vicariously through her. And Mary carried off every outfit with such panache! Mary had style.

    Francy, who doesn't?! Babalooo!!

  7. My Fave all time show is CSI. My fave used to be I LOVE Lucy but I am more into the gross crime scene stuff now. CSI also keeps me cautious, I don't ever leave my house after 8:00 at night unless my husband is with me lol.

  8. TV only came to SA in about 1978. One of the first shows I remember watching (at a neighbours house) was Black Beauty. I loved Mary Tyler Moore. Mostly I now watch Reality Shows and the Style Network, but when I remember the day, I enjoy Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives.