Friday, December 24, 2010

She Flies Through The Air...

We share a common interest (fashion) that draws us to one another.  Occasionally, we see beyond that and learn more about our blogger-friends.  I enjoy that process, especially when the information is as thrilling as this...

One of my favorite bloggers, Tracy, lives in San Francisco.  Tracy just revealed on her blog that, in addition to being a snazzy dresser, she's a trapeze artist!  Tracy has mastered several of the "aerial arts."  The essence of those activities is that Tracy climbs high up in the air and performs artistry with her body while hanging precariously from ropes and fabric.  It's amazing!

Tracy's newest post is full of fascinating information and superb photos of Tracy doing her thing.  I'm so impressed!  What's even more moving is that Tracy began this activity only six years ago and had to conquer an inhibiting fear of heights.  Tracy proves it's never too late to achieve our dreams!

Tracy, you're my new role-model!  Just be careful up there... :)


  1. Wow! She seems like a fascinating person. Off to check out her blog :)

  2. OMG Ralph!! You are so sweet. You inspire me, so I'm thrilled that I could do the same. Xoxoxoxo and then some! Tracy

  3. That is Awesome ! I would love a fun job like that. I am only an office worker (I work from home) and Mom. lol

  4. That is so neat! I would love to try a trapeze sometime. I can't imagine swinging so fast and then having the timing to either grip another bar or a person. Crazy and awesome!

  5. wow! that looks fun. just found your blog- nice!
    merry christmas!

  6. Amazing! I will definitely check out her blog.

    Merry Christmas, buddy!

  7. This is amazing, totally take my hat off to Tracy. I am going to check her blog.... thank you for sharing.