Thursday, December 2, 2010


There are many bloggers who create interesting posts and have real personal style.  They may not have 100 followers but their blogs are genuine and warrant attention.

One of my favorite bloggers is Stel who lives far, far away in the magical country of New Zealand.  (I heard they shot "Lord Of The Rings" in its lush countryside.)

Stel is a charming young woman whose sweetness permeates everything about her.

She just put up a post about her visit to a castle.  A castle!  Now that's the best photo-backdrop I've ever since on a fashion-blog!

Here's where you can find her blog.  I recommend a visit.  And here's a picture from the castle:


  1. Wow ! That is impressive. I hope to go to a Castle some day.

  2. Thank-you!! This totally made my day :)

  3. HI ya.. I just tagged you to answer some questions about yourself :) xoxo Jodi
    this is the link

    have a super weekend!! xoxo J

  4. ill have to check out her blog :)

  5. Hi Ally!
    I was sitting here eating my dinner and clicked on your latest post and it struck me that I'd never read your archive. I like to read the archives of my favourite bloggers as I like to see where they've come from (and read as much as their material as I can). I'm reading backwards from the end of your first year to the start of it and you're so kind to other bloggers- highlighting them, complimenting them, just generally being really generous and lovely! It's lovely to read!x