Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I like to buy gifts for people and put a lot of thought into getting the perfect thing.  I'm naturally empathic so it's easy for me to select the right presents for my friends.

A few years ago, I realized that nobody gives me gifts that I really want.  Rather than feel sorry for myself, I came up with a solution: when I'm shopping for others, if I see something I like, I buy it for myself.  I spend only a tiny fraction of my gift-budget on myself (usually around 10%) but doing this makes me feel good.  It's a little treat I enjoy.

Do you guys ever do this?  Have you ever bought anything for yourself when shopping for others?

This year, while I was in Virginia, I picked up some sparkle -- glittery red nail-polish, a shiny necklace and two glimmering rings.  They cost very little but please me a lot.  Here are pictures of my Christmas gifts to myself:


  1. Love the necklace ... it is very pretty! I think I am very selfish. I buy gifts for others but every few minutes I get distracted to get something for myself. I better ask Santa for some contentment this year! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure every time I went shopping for Christmas, I spent more money on myself. It wasn't that I didn't want to spend the money on others (I like finding the perfect gift, too!) but most of my money goes towards student loans so everything distracts me once I allow it to.

    I love the new jewels :) and thank you for the candle. It's beautiful!!!

  3. I buy enough for myself the rest of the time that I make a point to focus on others when I'm buying gifts. It just seems more fair in my situation, especially since my funds are so limited.

    Love your jewelry. The necklace is really pretty. I love the look of those big necklaces!

  4. Love. The. Necklace. Love!

    I'm always surprised when people "confess" to spending money on themselves, gifting themselves, treating themselves... particularly among my young-moms set of friends, it seems to be a rare indulgence.

    I indulge myself weekly. Some weeks daily! I think it's healthy to provide for your own wants and desires and not assign that responsibility to something else! I think too many people put responsibility for their happiness into someone else's hands, you know what I mean? I'm Captain of my own ship, dammit, and if I want to wear taffeta I certainly shall! Debauchery, I'm sure.

    PS, I chose your prezzie very carefully! I hope you love it and all the heart behind it.

  5. love your jewels, especially the rings. i do buy gifts for myself, especially for my birthday. Hope your day was perfect.we are heading back home today and would u guess it, the day is clear and sunny!

  6. You Look Great ! I Love the jewelry. Yes, I buy things for myself all the time when shopping for others. Sometimes it is just the right moment ! : )

  7. I actually make a point to tell people to give away the money they would have spent gifting me to a charity. I did notice that people tend to give a lot of things in gifts that I have no need for and while I do recognize and appreciate the thought the items deter me from reaching an ideal minimalistic home filled with things I love and need. So this way I buy what I like/ need and people give the gifting money to charity. The universe is happy and so am I...so I say keep it up. :)

    Love from T.O

  8. Happens all the time! That shopping strategy always works for me hun! Though I admit, I buy a lot more for others and find myself more generous to friends and family!

    On a serious note though, its always a pleasant surprise to unwrap a gift that is perfectly chosen for you, yes?

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  9. LOVE! LOVE LOVE LOVE so much!! That necklace is gorgeous! The purple shirt is super fabulous on you, as well. I love the little ruffly sleeves.

    As for buying presents for myself, I always make sure I do that, too. ;o)

  10. The stuff is gorgeous, but what's even better is how happy you look. I'm going to have to get you to come down here and and hook me up so I can look pretty like you. :-)

  11. Yes I do that too. It's just that little bit that makes you feel better(shopping for presents on it self is fun but when you buy something for youself it's even more fun).
    I love the rings! I'm always a fand of big rings.

  12. Adore your new bling! It's good to pick up things for yourself that make you smile. When I shop for others, I tend to come back with a purchase or two for me as well.

    It's definitely special when you open up a gift that is perfect for you. Like the beautiful necklace Marilou got me. Something totally unexpected and sweet.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog :) You are always so full of wisdom.

  13. Love the necklace, rings and nail polish!

    That's actually a very good idea! I used to do this (all the time :P) but for the last couple of years I made my gifts (jewellery, felt stuff, random) and of course made something for myself as well :) You should try it :) It's cheaper but so much more rewarding :)

  14. I love buying Christmas and birthday gifts for myself! I'll usually buy something I've been wanting to get for awhile, or just some small treat. I come from a family that tends to be very self-sacrificing at their own expense, so I'm trying to counter that by making sure that I take care of myself as well as others. Buying a little treat is one way to do that.

    This year, it was some shelves from IKEA to put my growing vintage Pyrex collection on :)

  15. Oh yes I do this! In fact, this year I've really gone full throttle and have bought myself about 3 presents for every one I buy for someone else. I have no worries about not getting exactly what I want!

    Love the mixture of silver and gold you have on here, btw!

  16. I have to admit... I do it all the time.
    I am supposed to be buying for friends and I pick something up for myself.
    This year however I have not bought anything. Well i did but it will be my birthday present from me, to me.
    I like what you are wearing from head to toe... and think you gave yourself a small well deserved treat :)

  17. i love the things you bought! i always want to buy things for myself when im shopping for others. sometimes i do depending on how much money i have.

  18. Very pretty!! I love that nail polish color and the rings are very sparkly and just awesome. I love this idea! lol I just bought myself leggings and a long-sleeve top today when I was shopping for Kyle! :P

  19. Um.... welcome to life as a girl! Many of us buy for ourselves while gift-shopping- it's when we find the best stuff!

    Just today... bought a scarf for my secretary, and happened across 2 tops for myself. Bought a bottle of Grey Goose for the Boss, and a bottle of Pinnacle "whipped topping" flavored vodka (which is amazing- even straight) for myself.

    And this is after I got my jewelry order in today... 3 new pair of earrings from the jewelry party featuring the gorgeous Russian cabbage-and-egg pie I now fantasize about.

    Pardon the digression... the necklace and rings are gorgeous, and I'm in love with your top. The lovely color keeps it from being "too young", and the detail at the sleeves really deemphasizes your shoulders while still showing your fit arms. Very pretty!

  20. I love the sparkle! I buy so much stuff for myself when I'm supposed to be shopping for others. I find so many awesome deals though, it's hard not to! I also love shopping for others and think it's more rewarding. But there's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then--or alll the time. Ahem.

    I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

  21. They look fantastic! I love glittery stuff ^^.

    I don't feel sorry for myself if I don't get gifts that I like.. I just buy some stuff I love later. Or while shopping for others. It really makes me super happy! ^^

    This year I did something different.. I put my wish list online. I know that my family checked it out :P

  22. LOVE all the jewels. I would wear them all. And yes, I too buy myself presents while buying for others. I honestly don't think it's possible not to. But I'm intrigued that you have a gift "budget". What, pray tell, is that exactly? ;)


  23. You have excellent taste in your jewelry. Very pretty.

    I bought myself a couple of things while gift shopping this year - they were on sale, not very much money, but I knew I wouldn't get them from anyone else. And yes, it felt good to spoil myself a bit.

  24. Beautiful, fun choices! And I love the purple top you're wearing!

    Yes, I generally pick up a few gifts for myself. It sounds snotty, but it came from years of disappointing gifts. If money is going to be spent on me, I'd rather have a say in what it goes towards.

  25. I have a bad habit of buying just a little somethin' for myself when buying something for someone else. I've been like that since I was a little kid, and it used to drive my mom CRAZY!! lol I never grew out of it. I don't buy anything expensive for myself; it's small stuff. (My latest "me" purchase was a cute little $12 necklace with birds on it.) If I see something that is just so ME while I'm out, I can't take the chance that someone else will buy it for me, right?!! It might not be there when they go! ;) I really have had too many times where I hesitated on buying something affordable that I really wanted and knew I'd get lots of use out of, only to miss out on it altogether because I waited.

    When KameraWhore and I get gifts for each other, we almost always have to buy ourselves the same thing because we have this incessant need to match each other. We also have a weird and wonderful telepathic thing where we know what the other one wants...there have been times when we actually bought almost the same exact thing for each other without realizing it until we opened them.

    In our family, we don't take chances with our Christmas gifts!! We all email out lists of things we'd like and pretty much stick to them when buying for each other. So everyone gets what they want. Whew!!

    And, yes, I would agree that you're good at knowing what gifts people will like. :)

    Absolutely LOVE the new chunky necklace and rings!! Glad you treated yourself.