Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seven New Facts

Sweet Marilou of Twenty York Street just granted me the Stylish Blogger Award.  I suspect she was motivated more by the candor of my recent posts than my rudimentary fashion-style, but I'll take it any way I can get it. :)

A perk of the Award is the chance to share seven facts about myself.  Hold onto your fascinators; here we go!

1. I love words and eagerly add new ones to my vocabulary.  Recently, I've started using "sanguine" (cheerfully optimistic), "dolorous" (full of grief and pain), and "hypergamy" (a woman marrying above her class [e.g., Kate Middleton]).

2. My mind retains trivia of almost every kind.  For example, did you know that Hawaii used to be called the "Sandwich Islands"?

3. The primary reason I love motorcycles is because riding them is dancing with nature.  Operating a motorcycle is about movement and balance, skill and grace.

4. I grew up with a younger brother, Richard, whom I loved.  Sadly, Richard died of a sudden heart attack when he was only 33 years old.  Death at that age is too young to be caused by heart disease so doctors suspect he had a congenital heart condition (something genetic he was born with).  Many of my family-members have had heart problems so I don't take life for granted.

5. I grew up during the 1960's when having long hair was really important: it showed the world who you were.  Unfortunately, my father had been a barber before he became a cop and he didn't want Richard and me to have long hair so he physically wrestled us into the basement and cut our hair short, over howls of protest.

6. My parents tightly controlled my childhood and closely monitored everything I did.  To evade their scrutiny, when I was 10 years old, I furtively kept an empty coffee-can buried in our backyard.  I used the coffee-can to hide my secret pair of pantyhose.

7. Blogging, and meeting blogger-friends, has been the most joyful thing to happen to me in decades.  You guys rock my world. :)

Thanks, Marilou!


  1. I wish you would do this in every post because I love learning new things about my blogger friends!! lol I think I should try to learn a new word a day, it seems to be doing you very well!

  2. That was a fascinating read! I love the coffee tin story especially. Pity we only get seven ...

  3. I can totally believe (and relate to) your love of words. I'm too scatterbrained and undisciplined to learn a word a day though. Hmmm, "movement and balance, skill and grace." I never considered myself graceful before, but you are right! I love/hate the coffee can story. Love it because it's so revealing, hate it because it shows just how much you must have struggled growing up. I love meeting new friends like you, too. It just somehow makes life seem far more interesting.

  4. I love words too - sanguine actually comes from the Old French word for blood. So "cheerful" because one's cheeks would be flushed with ruddiness (blood).

    Your brief story of the coffee can makes my heart ache for you as a child. *hug*

  5. What an honour- I was so excited she chose me too! I love the new words you have added to your vocabulary-you must be a whiz at Scrabble and Boggle! I am so sorry to hear about your brother- premature death is one of those things that makes me question everything. It's hard to grow up in a tightly controlled household (mine was very religious). The good thing about being an adult is freedom of expression! Thanks for sharing!

    xo Emily

  6. Yep, there it is...the ole coffee can story that always makes me cry!!!! :( But, like I said before, it is powerful imagery and can flip the switch of understanding in people.

    I actually look forward to seeing what new "big words" you're going to use in an email or blog post! It fascinates me.

    I'm so sorry about Richard...words fail me on this one. :(

    Yes, as Emily said, now you're an adult and can do and be whatever you want!!!

  7. I have to say that number 6 was my favorite. It made me so happy that I squealed audibly. Wonderful to find out more about you. I think I may have a blog crush on you! HUG!!


  8. Ha ha, you make me laugh and I have to admit that your blog gives me a healthy dose of sanguinity each time I visit. Boy, I sure hope that's a word - but please don't judge me!

    p.s. Did you know that according to the lovely people of Hawaii, when they say they are from there, people instantly become curious?
    That's according to Jude: http://judefoodlife.blogspot.com/

    p.p.s. Okay, so that was lame, that really was not a trivia!

    p.p.p.s. I've seen you rock that red dress in the previous post but please, I already knew even before that that I was passing on the award to you!

  9. Thanks, guys. You are so sweet. You warm my heart.

  10. Great answers! I like skimming the dictionary for new words.

  11. Uhhhh i like new words !
    Sanguine..... I want to use that one !

  12. While the need to be secretive is indeed a sad piece of the coffee can story - when I build my imaginary version of it, there is an air of kitschy "Wonder Years"-ish sweetness to it.

    I imagine you coveting your delicate, luxurious hose. Feeling special when you take them out. The excitement of having something of your own that you love... when i imagine the coffee can, I love that part of it.

    I'm sorry to read you lost your brother at such a young age.

    Great post, R.

  13. Thanks, Fuzzy. It's a part of my personal history that is infused with joy since it enabled me to reach a part of myself that otherwise had to remain hidden.

    I remember every part of the experience, including that it was a Chock Full 'A Nuts can. The pantyhose were the cheapest made and, back then, the material used wasn't very good. After a while, they started to turn yellow and crumble into powder. That didn't diminish my joy, however; I clung to them, the same way I feverishly cling to every chance I get for happiness.

  14. Haha I loved the vocabulary lesson!
    And thank you for sharing about your hidden coffee can, it really gives perspective on how you grew up. I'm very glad society has lightened up a lot, (at least where I live) and am glad that you embraced the person you truly are.

  15. Fuzzy, I love your take on it! Very poignant and sweet. :)