Sunday, April 8, 2018


Cars. They're not as exciting as motorcycles but I'm learning they do have some appeal. Especially if you take them to the racetrack.

I've picked out my next car: a McLaren 570S. Its bold styling give the beast an edge to my second-choice, the Porsche 911 GTS. Both can be driven on the street and the track. In fact, I'm heading down to Atlanta later this year to drive the Porsche at their famous private racetrack. That experience comes with an instructor who teaches you how to extract maximum performance from the vehicle.

Did you know there's a distinction between "sports cars" and "super-cars"? The former are fast vehicles; the latter are limited-production jewels hand-crafted by storied manufacturers. Super-cars are beyond the reach of most drivers: their least-expensive models run around half a million bucks.

What is the world's most expensive car? Probably the Bugatti Chiron with a price-tag of $3 Million. Despite the improbability of our ever owning one, it can be fun to admire the height of automotive art. I won't bore you with stats. Bugatti says they aren't focused on mere speed, they want to deliver an enjoyable overall experience. That said, the car can hit 261 mph before a limiter turns off power. The styling of the car is quite arresting. (See picture above.) The car doesn't come with a bodyguard but I would want one; who'd park this expensive masterpiece anywhere in public?

Bugatti has sold every Chiron it plans to build until late-2021. Who buys them? The profile is very sharp: self-made men who appreciate quality and uniqueness. The average customer already owns about 30 other cars. Obviously they are not like you and me. At least not yet...


  1. That is one sexy beast of a vehicle. I would be scared out of my wits to drive something like this let alone park it in a shopping parking ... can you imagine the idiot next to you lets their door go and puts a ding in your $3M baby.

    Even if I had that kind of money it would seem self indulgent to own something like this.

  2. I am not a cars expert, my field is more the bag and shoes one, but this car is amazing! Kisses

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  3. What a sexy car! I honestly would never buy it though. I can think of so many other things to spend money on.


  4. Beautiful car! I don't know much about racing (or really cars in general. I'm embarrassed that I imitate the noises my car makes when I go to the dealer, ha!) BUT I can certainly appreciate the style beauty of a Bugati. Bryan, on the other hand, would definitely love this :)

  5. Beautiful. Enjoy your trip to Porsche school. I have represented PCNA and had the pleasure of driving several of their cars.
    A had a nice 1986 Red 944 that I loved. I got a great deal from PCNA on that car.
    A few years back I stumbled across a 1992 Aubergine 968. There were only about 5K ever sold in the US. It was primo. It had 11K miles when I bought it. I kept it for a few years but gave it to my son on his 30th birthday. He is the true car guy in the family. He has won awards by showing it at car shows.

  6. I'm not really into cars at all. I like Beetles and Morris Minors but beyond that, I'm not that bothered by them! We're having to try out cars as our one failed its MOT and had about a million faults!!