Saturday, September 26, 2020


 I love commercial signs. Two attributes that especially appeal to me are indicia of aging and unusual fonts. I never expected to see both in one sign.

This morning I walked the sad streets of Amityville. An old sign called out to me. Not only does the sign show age and odd font but the font is fun BECAUSE it's old -- the original standard font warped over time from exposure to outdoor weather and curled into interesting lettering. Cool!

Here's also a second sign (seen last month in South Jersey). What's remarkable is the content which leads me to ask -- is there anything Seymour doesn't do?!


  1. Well Seymour is full service! Lol.

    Funny enough, i had the opportunity to work at as a bookkeeper for a Sign Maker (i trialed a day and decided it wasn't for me), but the industry at least in our city is incredibly insular/run by just a few people who do everything from the letters you see on apartment buildings to full scale light up signs. It gave me a peek into a unique industry but I don't regret passing it up.

    1. Many industries are like that. Thanks for contributing, pal.

  2. I love old signs too, and your remark about Seymour made me chuckle :-)) The full works indeed! xxx

  3. I think Seymour might also offer house painting and dog sitting. There just wasn't room on the sign.

  4. My favourite signs are the handpainted ones on glass doors to apartment buildings here - the names are so fun, and the lettering is really retro (most of it's from the 60s).

  5. I love signs too, any kind of vintage advertising always catches my eye. Dang, Seymour was a jack of all trades!

  6. I love that sign!!!! The letters look like they are trying to escape!

  7. You are not alone in the slightest. Fascinating, aged, creative, or otherwise interesting fonts, signs, and other forms of lettering resonate passionately with me as well.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life