Thursday, September 10, 2020

Emma Peel


Dame Diana Rigg, who played spy Emma Peel on the '60s TV show "The Avengers," died today. She was 82.

A spy and adventurer, Emma Peel was an expert in martial arts who needed no one to rescue her. She drove fast and became a feminist icon. She's often remembered for wearing a leather catsuit, something shocking at the time.

Here's Peel driving her Lotus Elan. Yes, LOTUS!


  1. I saw that! Many people will know her from her recent role on "Game of Thrones" too. She was an icon!

  2. Many of my age wanted to be Emma Peel .. definitely a feminist icon!

  3. Emma Peel was such an icon, wasn't she? xxx

  4. We've lost many greats this year.

  5. You are carrying on the tradition. Be a fabulous feminist icon in your Lotus!
    Will you wear a catsuit too?!
    xo JJ

  6. She and you have good taste in cars!
    She was a beauty and will be missed! I watched the new All creatures Great and Small series on channel 5 the other day and she is playing the wonderful Mrs Pomphrey whom she was marvellous at portraying! Sad to think she won't be in subsequent series!

  7. She was indeed a powerful strong Woman, a Femme Fatale! RIP Diana!

  8. Another inspiring, strong, beautiful soul has crossed over. Perhaps we're just more highly attuned to death this year as a collective whole, but it really does seem like an even larger number of famous figures are passing away this year than usual.

    Thank you for this lovely ode to Emma's life + career. May she rest forever in peace.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. It's an avalanche of deaths. Many, such as famous baseball pitcher Tom Seaver, died of the virus without the media mentioning that fact.