Saturday, September 5, 2020

Imminent Stardom

I like seeing actors popular now performing at the beginning of their careers. In 2005 British TV (BBC) did a series of modern interpretations of Shakespeare's plays ("ShakespeaRe-Told") and the cast in one is greatly amusing ("Much Ado About Nothing").

I recently binge-d all five seasons of "Lucifer" which stars Tom Ellis. He plays a terrific, distinctive character. Seeing Ellis fifteen years ago -- young as a tyro, impossibly clean-shaven, with different hair-style and accent -- is shocking. Ellis was just starting out then and is paired in the show with Billie Piper, immediately before she became a star in "Doctor Who." Billie later led "Secret Diary of a Call Girl." You also spot Olivia Colman who's the current Queen Elizabeth II in "The Crown" after appearing in the successful "Fleabag."

Stardom was right around the corner for these three but, at the time, they didn't know it. Fascinating to watch them at this juncture.


  1. I do the same thing with actors/actresses, though usually just because I want to see more of them period. I loved Karl Urban in kiwi soaps.

    Tom Ellis (and Lucifer!) are great. I should check out his other stuff. Thanks for the rec. I'm still catching up to season 5.

    1. With the freedom Netflix granted the show, Season 5 is terrific. The show stretches its artistic aims.

  2. I just started Lucifer! I needed something new to watch while working out and, to be honest, he's certainly not bad on the eyes.

  3. I read a bit about Lucifer and watched the trailers on youtube, the series seems fascinating. If I had the time I would totally binge watch it.

  4. I loooove Lucifer- and Tom Ellis! It's so wild seeing him at the start of his career!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. All three of them are great! I saw Tom Ellis in a disturbing Kidnap drama many years ago- he was creepy in it!

  6. Olivia Colman...I loved her in the Favorite (as did the Academy, since she won an Oscar!) but I will forever know her best as Sophie from Peep Show!