Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Passion

The temperature popped over 50-degrees yesterday which was enough excuse for me to go riding on my motorcycle. It was my first ride of 2015. Despite heavy fog and wet roads, the experience was glorious.

I'm fortunate to have stumbled onto an activity that offers thrills and endless joy. Riding is my passion. What's your passion?


  1. woo hoo!! i bet that felt nice!!!

  2. Glad you got a ride in...looks like the next few days will be freezing!


    1. Yup. Put my bike away for a while. It may even snow tomorrow.

  3. Good thing you squeezed that in. I think you might be in for some radically colder days now. At least we are.

    My passion is creating. Anything. Art, food, outfits, you name it.


  4. Love important to make time for your passions. My passions are writing & reading. :)

  5. Can shopping be a passion? Ha! But really, I love decorating and redecrating my house. In another life, I'd be a set designer.

  6. So glad you got to do your first ride of 2015 ... My hunny is itching to get out there. Hopefully he will get to ride this weekend coming.

    My passion is scrapbooking.

  7. That's fantastic! We got hit with the biggest snow fall in decades here this week, so no open roads (in the car or on foot) for us at the moment.

    I have so many passions in life, but definitely some of my biggest are vintage/history in general, blogging, writing, reading, fashion, art, photography, running my Etsy shop, traveling, crafting, animals/my pets, and helping others however I can.

    ♥ Jessica