Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Year Of Pink Boxing Gloves

Whew!  2014 was a big year for the magical pink boxing gloves. As they reach their first anniversary of life on the road, they want to look back at their travels.

The gloves began their journey when a bright idea popped into my head after I wore the gloves as whimsical props for an outfit. I thought, why limit their use to me and one time? Why not share the fun with others? As soon as I proposed the idea to you, a bevy of bloggers raised their hands and volunteered to participate.

The idea of the gloves is to celebrate female strength, in a humorous way. At the same time, everyone was invited to do their own individual take on wearing the gloves, which stimulated lots of creativity. I could not have imagined the many uses to which the gloves were put. That's a sign of a good project.

So far, the gloves have travelled around the United States, to Canada, to Europe and even to Australia. The journey isn't over; I just got asked to send them back to Germany.

If you want to play with the gloves, there's still time! This project is open-ended and will continue as long as people have a sense of humor. Just leave a comment or e-mail me (

During the past year, the gloves have been worn by these courageous, funny women:


Have you enjoyed this project as much as I have?


  1. I've loved the boxing glove challenge because it IS so whimsical and funny!!! Long may they continue!!!x

  2. Such a great project, Ally! It was so amazing to get those gloves in the mail and contemplate how they had visited so many women and been part of a process of styling and wearing them to suit different personalities. Since they came my way I have acquired several pink dresses. I am sure the gloves had an influence. xo

  3. It's been so fun watching them travel. I would love to style the gloves! Keep the journey going!

  4. I've loved seeing the travelling gloves. I wish I could come up with a decent idea for showing them off. Maybe in the summer.


  5. I love looking at where all they have been!

  6. It's been fun to see them travel the world! Leave it to you to come up with such a unique and empowering idea!

  7. This is such an original and lovely project :) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  8. Very much so and I had to do a genuine double take when said that it had been a year. Goodness, it feels like half that time at most. Amazing how quickly time flies when you're having fun blogging! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I agree,
    a wonderful and moving piece, that makes me smile!
    Good for you!
    I wonder if they would fit me or fall off my hands, My hands are about the size of an eight year old girl...

    Happy sunny wednesday!
    xx, Elle

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