Saturday, November 30, 2013

Alchemy and Irony

Alchemy is magical transformation, like turning lead into gold.  Irony is when what exists is the opposite of what we expect.  Today is both alchemic and ironic for me.

The alchemy occurred while creating a new outfit.  A few weeks ago, I bought a pretty orange top -- with ruffles! -- at a thrift-store.  I wasn't sure what I'd wear it with but I figured something suitable would emerge.  Then yesterday, while walking on Main Street, I saw a cute peplum floral skirt on an outdoor rack.  I used to be too embarrassed to shop for women's clothes on the street -- you can't get more public than that -- but I've gotten over such shyness.  Now, I'm proud of who I am and if a bystander has a problem with me engaging in lawful behavior, that's their problem, not mine.  Their negative opinion means nothing to me.

Anyway, alchemy!  The two pieces mesh like they were made for each other.  In fact, they could be mistaken for a dress.  I like their combination.

To emphasize the vibrant orange color of the ensemble, I surrounded it with white tights, white shoes and white jewelry.  The white directs attention to the delicious orange.

Irony?  Where is the irony, you ask?  It's here... 

Dressing up is perhaps the greatest joy in my life.  It makes me profoundly happy.  Sharing it with you guys is integral to that joy.  The irony is that the free time I have to engage in this activity (weekends) is when you guys are off doing other things.  Most bloggers post and comment during the week and disappear on weekends.  Yet that's when I'm dressing up and posting.  Oh, well... ironic.






  1. Oh yes, I have noticed they disappear on weekends! I am usually online on weekends even more than the weekdays. So I was lucky enuff to see this gorgeous outfit of yours :)

  2. Eep! Yes, I'm totally guilty of disappearing on the weekends. I'm usually spending time with my family or watching movie marathons...or this weekend, I'm eating lots of pie. :)

    Your outfit does look like a single dress! I have a love affair with the color orange. Good for you for shopping in public no matter what others might think. That's similar to having a blog. It's out there for all to see and people can either take it or leave it.

  3. It's the weekend and I'm here saying hello! :) I love this outfit, and the two pieces do indeed go brilliantly together. A very pretty look, and a bright spot for me here on this rainy, dark day!

  4. Guilty! I'm definitely bad about posting and commenting on weekends, I end up with extra time during the week, my job has downtime (I'm thankful, believe me) and I use that time for blogging and reading blogs I guess! But I'm here this weekend and I had to come in and tell you how much I adore that little dress! So cute.

  5. Don't you love when pieces come together so perfectly? That top is the perfect color for that skirt. I love the texture of that top. I had a similar one in black.

    My free time is so sporadic. Sometimes I'm around all weekend, sometimes I can't find a spare moment. I am always happy to see people posting on the weekends though. Fewer posts mean I have the opportunity to slow down and get the chance to read everyone.

  6. What a gorgeous floral print, very fresh with the white, your makeup is just lovely, and "orange with ruffles" just might be your spirit animal, Ally! Interesting observations on the rhythms of Bloglandia.

  7. You are a bright light! I love the coral/peach colour on you, and agree, dressing up truly makes me happy too! :) /Madison

  8. I have tried this combo of white tights with white shoes and I looked like a nurse. You pull this off. I'm wondering if it is because the floral is so vibrant and very summery.

    You definately have an eye. The necklace picks up the colours in the skirt and the ruffle/peplum in the skirt mimic the ruffles in the top.

    I'm here on weekend when my husband is in Asian…again yet for another week. Then he is off to Morocco. When he is home I try my hardest not to let the computer overtake my weekends as I'm already on it too much during the week.


  9. I LOVE this outfit ... orange is my favourite colour and it suits you perfectly. The skirt is amazing.

    Thanks for always sharing what you do with us in such an honest way!!!!

  10. Ally, this is lovely. Orange is definitely one of your colors!

    I am so happy that you can openly shop for the things you love, now. I remember you posting that you were shy in thrift stores when buying clothes, and now look at you! Your bravery and positive attitude are an inspiration to us all.

    Your lipstick color is dynamite for your skin tone. :D

  11. congrats to you for not being shy anymore with street shopping!
    and this mini mini skirt is pretty cute :-)

  12. Maybe you are now [No Longer] Shybiker!
    This looks beautiful!
    And look at those gams!

    I haven't been very fond of the whole peplum trend and this post helped me understand why. YOUR peplum is attached to the skirt and flares over the hips, which is a flattering look. The peplums that I loathe are attached to tops. They are often short-waisted and end up flaring from the ribcage, which I think looks silly. There, I got that off my chest (hahahaha).

  13. This is so cute - the peplum frill on the skirt is perfect on your figure.

  14. Ahh, love it! And you go girl for buying clothes on the street. Being proud of who you are is one of the most important things in life, I think.

  15. I LOVE the colors in this! The ruffles fit your personality perfectly! I am glad that you shop at random stores on the street, I think that it is awesome. I take photos on the weekends usually, and then post them during the week. I have a pretty solid routine during the week, then the weekends come and all hell breaks lose! I really want to do a day in the life" kinda post soon. I think you should too! I think that is what makes people real, seeing all of the little things they do during the day. Most people think that is boring, but I really like seeing humans be humans.

  16. So very true - I all but refrain from posting things that I'm hoping an especially large audience will see on the weekends for this very reason. It's understandable of course - all of our lives are bettered by not being glued to our computers 24/7, but it can be frustrating if you do post something that matters a lot to you and pretty much receive radio silence in return (been there, believe me).

    This outfit is all kinds of fun! It's a lovely fusion of autumn and spring to me - fitting, I can't help but think, as we head into the season that lays sandwiched between the two.

    ♥ Jessica

  17. I love that mug.. how stylish!! and what an awesome outfit combo.. as you said, those 2 pieces were MADE to go together!!
    wish I had slim hips like you :) Noooo instead I got the killer child bearing hips.. hah hah

  18. I really like the addition of an extra light source in these images.

    Looking great as always !

  19. Allow me to say - this is a great look - white tights never looked better.