Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meeting Lynne

The reason I have had so many blogger meetups is because I live close to NYC.  When people come to visit the city, they offer me the chance to pop in and meet them.  People don't come here to see me but we take advantage of the opportunity that's created by their presence.

Today, I had the eminent pleasure of meeting Lynne, whose blog is Practical Paralegalism.  I had high hopes for this encounter.  They were met and exceeded.

Lynne is a very special person, someone whose heart is as big as Saturn.  In her personal life and online, Lynne offers compassion and love to those who need a helping hand.  She is truly exceptional.

Lynne lives in North Carolina where she's been blogging for four years while pursuing a demanding career as a paralegal.  She came to New York with her husband Rob to visit Kaitlin, the oldest of their three children, who recently took a job here.  (It's an exciting position with a famous ballet company.)

Today was a beautiful fall day with sunny skies and crisp autumn air.  We met in Central Park where a dog-event was underway.  After admiring the pretty doggies, we dined at a lovely sushi restaurant.  This is Lynne's very first visit to New York so she is wide-eyed and enthused about everything she sees.

During our lengthy conversation, I discovered we share many traits.  Our personal connection is natural and I felt instantly comfortable in Lynne's presence.  We spoke about our experiences with blogging, what we've learned from it, and how blogs can help people grow in important ways.  We dished about our favorite bloggers and expressed our deep affection for one in particular (Megan).  I'm honored to have Lynne as a friend and seeing her in person deepened our bond.

Lynne's friendly husband Rob is equally charming.  He and I enjoyed a fun conversation about baseball.

Here are some photos from our day.  What are you doing this weekend?







  1. How wonderful!!! Cyber space has sure made the world smaller. Enjoying your photos too.

  2. What an amazing story and a wonderful time you had. I can't wait to see NY for the first time.

  3. Totally jealous of your wonderful meet-up, but I am super thrilled for it. Sounds like you guys had a great time, I can't wait to hear more about Lynne's NYC adventures.

    I'm being totally indulgent this weekend, eating, playing old video games, watching tv, reading.

  4. So nice you, Lynne and her hubby got to meet up. Looks like it was a gorgeous sunny day in NY.

  5. I'm seeing this post right before bedtime on our last night here. I loved meeting you, and time flew so fast, it was hard to let you go. We really enjoyed our time with you. Yes, I was wide-eyed with enthusiasm for my first visit to NYC - and my first time meeting you. You are even more wonderful in person than you are here, and you're beyond fabulous here and in person, you really and truly are.

  6. I am not surprised you talked about Megan - she is so awesome!

    So wish I could have been there!

  7. How lucky ... two of my fave bloggers meeting up - I'm so very jealous. Glad you guys hit it off in person.


  8. Happy you guys had fun :)
    I wish I could have more blogger meetups too ^^

  9. What a gorgeous, radiant photo! So glad you got to meet - lucky!!! - thanks for sharing photos from your day.

  10. I am so jealous you were able to meet Lynne! I am certain she is just is fabulous in person as she is in her blog. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time!

    Our weekend is winding down, we had our annual Oktoberfest yesterday with my husband's homebrew - I thought of you Ally since I know you enjoy a good glass of beer!

  11. Sigh - these pictures just make New York look so stylish! I was going through my reader looking for defunct blogs before this, and came across: "Winnipeg Street Style" and realized that it had no choice but to disappear into oblivion - compared to New York, we're so plain!
    Lynne is great - I keep forgetting about her blog, but then she inevitably surfaces somewhere and I get to rediscover her all over again!

  12. The photo of both of you portray two stunning people. What lucky people to visit MYC and meet you. Lynne looks like a total sweetheart so I'm not surprised one bit she is in real life.

    I'm hanging with the dude, unpacking the back room and heading out to Sur La Table to window shop for plates and dishes.

  13. What a lovely picture of the pair of you. I'm not surprised the pair of you got along so well, both of you are warm, witty and funny. xxx

  14. Oh how lovely, I squealed when I saw this! What a great write-up, too.

    And Ally, I do think you are too modest. Yes, you live in a big city but you are a big draw! If I ever get to NY, I'd be angling for a visit.

    1. Thank you, pal. Yup, me and Broadway keep the crowds coming!

  15. I can only imagine how cool it was to actually get a chance to talk face to face, hearing each other's voices, catching the nuance of expression, and giving and getting great hugs. You both look radiant in this photo. I adore Megan, too.

    Even though I'm in the south now, I'm a north-easterner and wish I could've been in NY too. I miss it. So happy for y'all :-)!!

  16. how exciting, we need a longer day together!
    Xo Megan

  17. that must be so very much fun!
    I can only dream of blogger meet up

  18. Oh! I so much want to meet you! And even in New York!! I envy you so, this is very cool!

  19. It sounds like you had so much fun together.I always enjoy bloggers meetings :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog once again.I enjoy reading all of them.You are the best!