Saturday, October 6, 2012

Enjoying The Fall

I hope you guys are enjoying autumn.  What's the weather near you?  Here, it suddenly turned cold, changing from t-shirt to jacket temperature.

Today, I went to my town's annual Fall Festival which I really love.  The whole town turns out and there are numerous fun vendors.  I bought lots of pretty jewelry at ridiculously low prices, like two pairs of cute earrings for $4 total.  I even found some bracelets I can wear in my public boy-persona.  They're shown in the first picture.  They go beautifully with my new yellow watch.  I slipped them on and wore them all day.  There are also a few other pictures of the festival.

This evening, I saw "Looper", a new sci-fi flick with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt.  Smart, well-written and entertaining.  You'll never guess the big surprise ending.

What have you been doing this weekend?







  1. Ally it's spring here, and it's perfect at the moment. It's the same as Autumn tho isn't it, the colours are just a little different but still vibrant.

    Love the change of seasons no matter which end of the year they are.

    I visited the local zoo last weekend and saw all the new life popping up there too, babies everywhere!!

    Where is that door going to? No boots counts me out as I am always in boots or thongs (that's flip flops to you I think? Not the other thong that's just uncomfortable and wouldn't be on show even if it was present).

  2. Love your new bracelets and your watch. Very modern and cool. You're too cool, Ally!

    I went to my own local fall festival, in attempt to sell some warez. Unfortunately it was a bust, I made no money and got a bad sunburn. However I did meet a very lovely English bulldog I might have dog-napped if not for my allergies. He was such a sweetie pie!

    1. Megan Mae - I'm sorry to hear the festival didn't go so well - but glad you made up for it with dog-goodness. I met some great dogs out and about this weekend. SS

  3. Well it's spring here which probably means the weather is the same as you're having! I wish there were more seasonal festivals here, I much prefer the cooler months. Looks like a nice way to spend a day. Have a good rest of the weekend! xx

  4. Fun bracelets!!! And fun pictures, goats are too cute. I love Fall! Our weekend has been rather low key so far, but I think there will be yard work to be done today. The downside of Fall I guess!

  5. OMG we must be on the same wavelength. I also went to a fall festival (in the neighboring town) and bought lots of jewelry. The weather similar to yours too...suddenly a very cool 50 degrees.
    Fun bracelets!

  6. The bright jewellery looks great, just the thing to brighten gloomy mornings. The weather here is turning cold, though I went to a wedding this weekend and the sun was out :-) Other than that, it's boots n tights all the way.

  7. I went to a festival downtown here last weekend, when it was still warm, and bought two tiny pumpkins. About four days ago it was 85 degrees (F) or so, and the next day it was 40 degrees or lower, and has been ever since. From shorts to coats in one day. That's South Dakota for you!

  8. I want to ride the pony!! I have always wanted a pony. I know that is nowhere near realistic, but the dream is alive, anyway. Fall is my favorite time of year.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. You had me at the goats. I looooove goats. Even if they eat my purses. :)

    I've been going to quite a few fall festivals here in town as well. None of them had goats though. Sigh.

    It looks like you had fun!

    The weather here has turned bitterly cold as well in the past few days. I think it's supposed to warm up tomorrow though. Hit the 60s. Which is nice. It kind of sucked going from 80s to 40s overnight last week. I never even got to wear my fall clothing!

  10. We have a 100+ year old County Fair and Horse Show which your post makes me sorry to be missing this year - it's a great venue for so many local community presences and arts. We too had the sudden turn to cold yesterday! Brr! I really felt for the little one in the wedding party Beary was part of, who struggled through the photo session.

    Yay, colourful bracelets! I remember your Nixon watch post, and am wicked-happy you are finding more items to enjoy publicly which also feel true-to-you, Ally.

  11. Great boy-bling, and I think the goats are so cute in their bandanas. :)
    Hmm, this weekend involved class and sitting through a looong robotics competition ... not as fun as your weekend, it looks like.

  12. Lovely watch and bracelets!
    Well here, it's transitioning from rain to sunnier days-

  13. I love autumn! But here it's still over 30°C! No red leaves or chilly breezes...
    Love your watch and bracelets :)
    This weekend I've been quad biking. You kind of get the same feeling feeling as on a motorbike.

  14. still hot here. mornings and evenings may be chilly, but the days are still very hot. i love the bracelets you purchased!

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