Friday, October 12, 2012

A Bunch Of Malarkey

I've wanted to put up a post this week but work has been very heavy; I've been  battling in court every day.  I picked out a pretty outfit to wear last night but, after work, the VP debate and the joy of watching the Yankees lose in extra-innings, I had no energy to shoot it.

Are you guys too young to recognize the expression Joe Biden used last night (in my title)?  It's what old people say to ridicule someone's argument.

Here are some funny images I've seen on the web recently.  Enjoy your weekend!








  1. Love the pistol and lipstick photo! Yes, I have heard that term about malarkey. I watched the debate, without giving up my political preference, I will just say it was interesting. Have a great weekend. Heather

    1. No need to argue politics here. We have enough controversy over whether leggings can be worn as pants!

  2. You always find such interesting pictures my friend!

    I'm ashamed to say I skipped the debate in favor of fluff TV instead.

  3. The one with the sheep is so funny I had to make it my computer's desktop image. ;)
    Excuse me for saying this if it's a bit inappropriate but I find it so intriguing and sexy to think of my partner/man coming home from work and slipping into feminine clothing. ;)
    You have a wonderful and restful weekend too!

  4. Skipped debates. It is interesting watching other people summarize them on Facebook. Both sides claim victory and neither seems to have shifted position even a smidge.

    It all seems very pointless to me. About style over substance.

    ANYWAY!! Love the cartoon. Reminds me of my daughter. :)

  5. I can't watch the debates over here, but we have the city election soon and as you know I'm a political activist. Maybe I should try to translate that quote into my languange, that may be useful lol ;D (altho I don't like it when people try to ridicule what others say, unless the other one is a bully).

  6. Ah, growing up in an old-style Southern family led to a lot of antiquated terms in my language. I still remember my grandmother inviting me to sit with her on the veranda, or that store that used to be over yonder.

    I admit to being a bad person and ignoring the debate in favor of watching kittens on livestream. The latter is better for my mental health.

    Also I love the picture of the puppy with the sheep. So cute!

  7. Well, I'm all about the lipstick! Love it. Hope you get some rest and relaxation this weekend.

  8. Ooh I want a lipstick gun now! That's fantastic. Happy weekend :)

  9. I loved the dog picture, made me laugh! Thank you for that!! A little levity is definitely in order these days. Hope you enjoy your weekend and are able to relax a little!!

  10. I watched the debates and then watched them AGAIN at lunch the following day. I'm addicted to watching new and politics in an unhealthy way. I can't wait for this election to be over :)

    Malarky was a term I'd heard my dad say many times growing up.

    Love the sheepdog & the big boots <3

    Hope you enjoy unwinding this weekend.

  11. I use malarkey now and again! I am a word-nerd though (and studied dictionary-writing at uni, hee hee). Thanks for the round up of sillies, Ally. I hadn't posted either at the end of the week due to hectic work and not feeling too hot.

  12. I have heard that phrase before, probably in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Love the model with the huge Mickey Mouse ears. :)

  13. The second image is quite amusing! The second to the last one is funny but unfortunately true for so many. The lack of reasoning in those situations is incredible. In a bad way.