Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Observation

There are some things in female life that have no counterpart in male life.  When I explore these things, the experience is new.  Fresh.  Unexpected even.

This happens with some clothes.  Yes, blouses are like shirts; capris are like pants; but there are some designs that boys never wear.  A good example is halter-tops.  There is no shirt in menswear that has anything like a halter-top. 

The first time I wore a halter-top was startling.  It felt so strange.  So different.  The top hung off parts of me (neck) that never felt a tug of weight before.

I just experienced a second example of this phenomenon and that's what prompted this post.  Earlier today, I bought an off-the-shoulder leopard-print dress, similar to the one shown but in purple and with a fringe along the neckline.  It's very cute.  In fact, it's so outrageous that one might consider it a costume, not a dress.  Either way, I like it.

Walking around the house, I'm noticing how odd it is to wear something off-the-shoulder.  I've never before had one shoulder covered and the other exposed.  The weight-distribution is funny and it took a little while to get used to a garment hanging diagonally on my body.

For fashion, many of us will endure a little discomfort.  I'm getting used to this design and, in the future, may not notice its oddity on my body.

Do you feel funny wearing certain clothes?  Do you just get used to it?


  1. I have never had much luck with one shoulder tops. Mainly because it requires a strapless bra, and I have yet to find the perfect strapless bra!

    I try not to wear anything that I don't love or makes me feel confident. If you look uncomfortable, it shows through!

    I bet your dress is awesome though! Purple leopard is hot! Heather

  2. You've just described exactly how I felt in this post:

    I found a brand new michael kors one shouldered top, wore it once, and was so uncomfortable - it went right back to goodwill. I still think it was a very cute top, but you're right.. it feels exposed. I'd rather wear something cut to my navel that something one shouldered.

    I never really get used to clothing. I am either totally comfortable, or feel constantly exposed. Part of my blog-mission that I haven't really spoken about is finding comfort in my clothing.

    As I hit age 21 I felt the need to cover up. When I was in my teens I felt fine going around in a cami and shorts.. now I prefer knee length dresses and a thicker strap on my blouses. I'll still take risks and push myself, but the level of "modesty" (I mean in a covered skin way) has grown in recent years for me.

  3. I have never worn a strapless or one shoulder anything. I never even liked to wear swim suits as I thought I was showing way too much skin. But, when I was much, much younger, I would wear skirts so short that I am astounded at now. It was the fashion at the time, but I am not sure where I got the courage to do that! The only item of clothing I ever wore that was a bit uncomfortable is an off the shoulder blouse. I kept worrying with it the entire time I wore it. I would imagine that wearing a item of clothing over and over one would get used to it.

  4. Strapless shirts and dresses feel funny to me so I always wear a cardigan over them. I am excited to see this dress! It sounds amazing!!

  5. Heh, I'd daresay there's a male counterpart--I feel SO awkward in a button-up shirt (that's actually buttoned; I like wearing them open). I'm so thankful that I'm not in a profession in which I'd need to wear button-ups (I'm in publishing, so I wouldn't even wear a button-up to an interview)--but if I were a man, there would certainly be times I'd have to do so. And ties! Aiaiaiai!

    In any case, YES there are pieces I feel weird in--halter tops among them. I've only worn a tube top a couple of times in my adult life but that was another weird one. Headpieces are also difficult for me to get used to--I love fascinators but I know I'd just feel so aware of it the whole time.

  6. I totally feel the same way about halter tops and off-the-shoulder tops, maybe because I had none of these growing up! I can't do off-the-shoulder at all because I hate asymmetries, and halter tops always bring with them the challenge of what bra will be okay to wear with them... I have also never worn a necktie and venture that would feel weird to me!

  7. I hate tights... They're itchy and unnatural. And bras too. I can never find the right one! And strap-less tops always feel uncomfortable. I can't walk in stilettos and make-up is not my favorite thing... Seems I have more problems with womanhood than you do! Kisses :)

  8. The one shoulder thing always feels funky to me and to be honest, I feel a bit naked! Over the top, usually never bothers me, but feeling naked or the opposite (hemmed up from stem to stern!) is something I just can't deal with! Have a MARVELOUS weekend!! ~Serene

  9. I love a cute halter top the neckline can be very flattering. But off the shoulder things just make me look & feel frumpy. Platform shoes & wedges always make me feel awkward, I think they look cute on other girls but I just feel like I have big horse hooves in them. I love a cute heel but lets just keep my toes close to the ground.

  10. I just recently bought my first one-shoulder piece. Have yet to wear it. LOVE wearing halters they are flattering and somewhat comfy unless my neck hurts.
    I've never given the feel of it much thought but thanks to you, I will now.
    xo. the Citizen Rosebud

  11. I feel funny wearing certain clothes for the first time. For example, off-the-shoulder tops are strange. However, I wear them so much now that I have gotten used to it.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. I think I feel similarly about makeup. I was a late bloomer when it came to makeup and didn't really start using it until late college. The first time I put on mascara was for high school homecoming. My mom applied it for me, and I remember feeling like tiny weights were on my lashes. I'm used to mascara now, though.

    Another beauty thing I'm not used to: nail polish on my fingers. Toes are ok, though. I feel like my nails can't breathe, and I can't wear nail polish for longer than a couple of hours max! I tried explaining this to my fiance, who didn't understand. I made him try my nail polish, but he took it off after about 20 minutes.

  13. I don't own any one-shoulder dresses or tops. I don't know how you'd wear a bra with them. And even though I have tiny ta-ta's, I don't feel comfortable going without a bra. Plus, I'm not sure how cute I would look with my broad shoulders in this style.

    But guess what? I've NEVER tried one on. hahaha. So, how the hell do I know if it would look good on me or not? I'm going to be brave, just like you and try one on.

    Can't wait to see you in your new dress.


  14. Off the shoulder dresses to me are the weirdest. I wore one to my college graduation...liiiike what was I thinking!?? I was frozen on one side and the other side was like flopping off every 3 seconds. The dress was perfect, it was my stupid gown that was all wonky on top. I also feel really exposed in off the shoulder dresses because they aren't as easy to cover up as a strapless (ex: strapless + cardigan = HAPPY!, 1 shoulder + cardigan = Quasimodo).

    Show us this dress!!!!!!!!! Leopard is so perfect right now.

  15. Wow - I never thought of this I guess because I am used to it - but now that you point it out...
    I don't wear halters that much- bras that work well for those tops push your boobs together and it's not that comfortable and the fact that there is more weight added to your neck - does not make it any easier.
    For one shoulders, I usually wear a convertible bra and remove one strap - so I still get some support- I personally LOVE the one shoulder look, it's timeless and sexy - I look forward to seeing your dress :)

  16. I have unfortunately never mastered wearing heels. I really wonder sometimes if my feet are defunct! They are just so uncomfortable. Even wedges. I love the look of them and have some, and they sadly just sit in my closet waiting to be used. Reminds me of those dumb Swiffer commercials. lol

    I don't think I've ever worn a one-shoulder deal, but I like the look...I am okay with strapless, though. I'm the type, if something is just plain uncomfy, I won't wear it. I wasn't always that's just happening the older I get. I used to always say "fashion before comfort," but not anymore. In any case, I like the dress on you a LOT and am going to comment over on that post!

  17. Loving the leopard print dress. This post really inspired me to pick some possible dress buys in similar prints.

    I never really thought about the feel of clothing. There's some things, like heels that haven't been broken in or under-wire bras, which I don't enjoy wearing for long periods of time.

  18. Michelle, I feel the same thing! With both mascara ("tiny weights" is a perfect description) and nail-polish (we can't breathe!). Thanks for reassuring me that I'm not alone in feeling these things.

  19. Now now, men wore one shoulder gets ups... it was just the time of Ancient Rome (or Greece... or both?)