Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boy Mode

I went to Roosevelt Field Mall yesterday with two girlfriends (Nicole and Jamie).  The mall had a special Fashion Events theme, with runway shows and store-promotions.  It was fun!

Before going, I took some pictures 'cause you never see me in boy-mode.  Here's what I look like when I'm not in a frilly dress...

I wore a belt that really pleases me.  I got it at a "transportation" museum in San Diego (Balboa Park) where I went to ogle motorcycles.  The belt is made from a real seatbelt from a car!  Here it is...

Completing the outfit are my Van sneakers in royal-blue.  I love these...

It's not easy to find style in boy-clothes but I try.  I choose bright colors and nice designs.

I'm curious: do you think I look different, better/worse, in one gender or the other?  Do I create a different impression dressed as a man?  Any observations from you on this would be very interesting for me to ponder.  Thanks!


  1. OMG, I love it! How unexpected to see boy mode. But still, you did fashion. I love Vans!

    Such a deep set of questions you asked. It's late and I'm tired, so I am going to have to circle back. Deep questions deserve thoughtful answers. I'll be back...

  2. This is certainly how I pictured you in "boy mode". I do agree - it's harder to express style with male wardrobe & selection (there are currently 5 guys around my dining room table who all would claim to look unique in their outfits, but look shockingly similar), but I like the unique touches. The seatbelt belts are my favourite - I've been wanting one for almost a decade now, even though they're not really in my style any more, I just miss the old awesome click of them!

  3. I think you have a personal style, be it male or female. I like how your quirky accessories complement the stylish basics.

    I definitely agree that guys are sooo very limited in their style options.

    I think you look 'different' (it'd be a little weird if you didn't), but better/worse? That's an impossible question for me to answer. I feel like that'd be comparing that guy in that tux to that lady in that gown. Apples to oranges, my dear sir, it cannot be compared.

    I do think you seem to have a similar 'theme' to both sets of your style. Both are very sharp, classic, and traditional? in a way.

  4. This boy outfit is also very stylish, I like how you pick up the blue in different parts of it! It's unusual to see someone in both "variants" but you're definitely still the same person.

  5. I think your boy and girl look have things in common. You choose bright colors and bold accessories that not many people would choose. The impression I get is one of a person who's not afraid to experiment and let his/her personality shine through the outfit! You're successful at being you and that needs a lot of guts my friend. I think your lady outfits suit you better, just because you have a better variety of stylish things you can choose from and it makes you look more comfortable. Your smile is sweet and warm in either mode and that's what people will notice first! In all you're a stylish person in both worlds!! Keep being your unique self we all love! Kisses :)

  6. Thanks, guys. Your responses really interest me. I realize "better/worse" is a poor dichotomy to ask; I am really just trying to open the door to your impressions of any kind.

  7. You look great in boy mode too! Love your belt and the Vans shoes! Men's clothes are not quite as fun as women's clothes, but you really did a great job!

  8. I haven't been blogging much lately, but still checking out everyone else's and just HAD to comment on yours! You've got great style. Period. It's yours, it's personal and it's your aesthetic. Having said that, I like your man look better. It just looks like YOU! You don't look like a feminine man, you look like a man's man.

    You and I share similar female style appreciations. We like the really ultra feminine look and actually ENJOY the whole female through fashion experience. I hope all of this made sense! ~Serene

  9. I THINK YOU LOOK AMAZING BOTH WAYS, BECAUSE YOU CARRY YOURSELF WITH POISE AND CONFIDENCE. Not many people are this comfortable in their own skin regardless of their gender and sexuality preferences. You are incredible.

    Now back to geeking out over MJ! I knew her original name, forgot it, then cheated and looked it up this morning. GROSSINGER. As for her films, I've seen both of the major motion pictures. Actually, I just got ))<>(( tattooed on my back Saturday because Me and You and Everyone We Know holds a lot of significance in my life, and it's one of my favorite movies. I saw The Future back in August and wrote a pretty detailed review of it for my blog. If you're interested in learning more about it, feel free to check it out.

    I don't think I'm doing Halloween this year. I'll be in LA with my boyfriend, we don't have plans, AND I'm flying back to Chicago that night. Unless you have travel appropriate Halloween costumes??

    :) Happy Monday

  10. Now that I am awake, I figured I should answer.

    Do I think you look different in boy vs. girl mode? Of course!

    Better or worse as one vs the other? I think your sweet smile shines through in either mode. You are definitely at your happiest (as in look how much fun I am having) in girl mode. You absolutely glow when you are experimenting with your different fashions. But you are obviously comfortable in boy mode, too. It speaks volumes of you as a person that so many people love and accept you whether you are posting as Ally or as Ralph.

    "Do I create a different impression dressed as a man?" To a degree. But only because men are naturally more-reserved. You still have your own style, though. The seatbelt belt is a nice touch. As are the sneakers.

    Knowing you are such a fashionista, I'd have to say Ally suits you better. But knowing that you've come this far in life and have carved out your own little niche in boy-mode, Ralph suits you just fine, too.

    In other words, you have totally figured out how to make both work. I know you have varying degrees of happiness in both skins. I like seeing "both" of you, but I also know that deep down, you are the same remarkable person, no matter what manner of accoutrements decorate the exterior on any given day.

  11. I think you look pretty handsome as a dude, and you've still obviously got style. But I'm almost surprised how much more comfortable you look in 'woman mode'.

  12. While I can tell you are male, I can tell you are female by your words (I can tell gender as well because I can analyze handwriting). Inside is always what counts.
    Love the seatbelt. Love it.

  13. My husband has the same problem finding stylish mens clothes, so you're not alone. I love the car seatbelt belt. I've seen purse made out of seatbelts too.

  14. Thank you guys. Really. You're deepening my understanding of myself. And that's valuable.

  15. Your shoes are awesome, bro! (I can call you bro since you are in boy mode right now, correct? It's kind of my favorite word. For some reason. I don't know. I even call Mr. A "bro." He finds it weird.)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. I'm very impressed with this outfit. That seatbelt belt is wonderful. I have a purse made of nothing but seatbelts that I love.

    The vans are a great touch.

    I'm sorry I've missed like three of your posts! Where was I? Going to look at all of them now.


  17. You are so stylish in boy mode- I love the unique touches like the belt and funky sneakers. I was at the transportation museum back in August picking up an early Christmas gift for my Step-Dad- it's a great place (but my fave at Balboa is the Museum of Photographic Arts). You still have the warm smile and great facial features when dressed as a man- you can just accentuate them better with makeup when dressed as a woman!

  18. Love that belt. So unique and cool. The shoes' color is very cool as well. You know your profile photo is you as a boy and so were your anniversary photos with your wife. So I wasn't surprised. You look very nice.

  19. I quite like your "boy mode". Love the bet and shoes. They add great interest and detail.

  20. I love that you still have the same bright smile and eyes whether in boy mode or girl mode :)

    I love the belt and shoes. Men's fashion tends to be sadly blah - nice punches of color and details help to make things more interesting.

  21. I love this "boy look"... my own sensibility skews male, and I would be so tempted to wear it myself! Especially that amazing belt!

    You look well put together male... and blissful when you are all girly!

  22. I love, love, love that belt - it's something I'd wear :)
    And to me you are the same great person (BTW check my post! about u)