Monday, October 17, 2011

Cleaning My Closet

I learn from you guys over and over, on innumerable topics.  One thing I noticed in your blogs are posts about editing one's closet. 

That makes sense.  Clutter can overwhelm and confuse us about what clothes we own; sometimes we even forget what we have!

I've been wearing women's clothes my whole life, from age six on -- but never nice ones.  For most of my life, my clothes were cheap and ugly, hidden away in dark places, taken out for my use but never seen by anyone else.  Organizing those clothes was unnecessary; they were simply crumbled up in plastic bags.

That changed two years ago when I started wearing clothes more seriously and then blogging with them.  I started buying slightly nicer stuff.  At first, those clothes were still cheap and ill-fitting; gradually, I began buying decent garments that fit my body.

Initially, I was grateful to just explore fashion and didn't worry about looking good.  I was going through a learning phase.

That development came to mind today when I spent an hour going through everything I own.  I discarded a third of my stuff because those items don't fit me, are torn or ruined, and can't be re-worn by anyone else.  I organized what was left over.  I never knew how many belts I had!  Nothing had been segregated, so I found old scarves and skirts mixed in with shirts, belts and hosiery.

Now, each category is separate which I believe will enhance my future outfits.  I can see my array of belts, scarves, handbags, tights, etc.  Without even trying, I already started building new ensembles in my head with what I saw in front of me.  I'll make greater and better use of what I own.  I've always had mixed feelings about buying new clothes because of my concern for their environmental cost.  Minimizing that activity by using my existing wardrobe more makes me feel better.

How often do you edit your closet?


  1. That's always a wonderful thing. Currently because I can't stop shopping - I edit my closet on a near weekly basis. I'm trying to stop doing both, only editing for fit. Shopping too much can cause a distortion in your view of your closet. I feel like I have no clothes, even though I have a great closet, I'm just not connected to it.

    Sometimes it's great to pull everything out, touch, try on and reconnect with what you own. I always notice my blog outfits are stronger in composition when I do that. Problem is, it takes time. XD Keeping a notebook or something with outfit ideas keeps 'em from slipping back into the cracks.

  2. I have a serious need to organize, so I usually edit my closet monthly. However, I rearrange it and organize things a couple times a week. It's the one room in my house that I, alone, use and keep a certain way. I keep a binder with ideas. I have Pintrest, but rarely use it. I like some things to still be tangible. I also use the Stylebook app to create outfits and keep track of what I have.

    BTW, love your biker babe look!

  3. AHHHH! You have NO idea how much I love your outfit. I'm going to have to copy you on this one. You look great!

    Obviously, I'm one of those bloggers frantically trying to get rid of a ton of clothing. I'm going to fight to never let shopping and clothes take over my life like that again. So not worth it, and it's depressing as hell.

  4. I love this outfit on you! Awesome jacket.

    I edit my closet constantly, but I do really serious edits about twice a year. I just remove all the stuff I don't really love anymore, or that I'm just tired of. I like to empty my whole closet, clean it, and then put it all back nice and neat.

    I'm so glad you organized everything - it makes it so much easier to pick outfits!

  5. Biker chic! I am surprised I haven't seen this look before..unless I missed it :P

    I skim over stuff when I put away laundry, but I tend to do a purge about twice a year. Or whenever I feel like I need a big change and I am too scared to mess with my hair.

  6. I usually purge twice a year, at th eend of each major season. My blog claims I'm trying to reduce the number of clothes in my closet, but I'm not very good at it. I think I have more than when I started!

  7. Usually every 'season' or so (I mean clothing season) so once in spring & once in fall. When I am trading out my sweaters for my spring dresses, and then my sandals for my boots.
    My belts scarves/bags could really use a clean out as well.
    That's why I like shopping at Thrift stores so much, donating and buying things back feels like recycling. Plus the proceeds go to a good cause :)

  8. Oh my gosh, you look so cute! Love the boots! I've actually been eyeing up boots lately. But I have no idea where I'd ever wear them. Although I am pondering learning how to ride a horse. Since I live in horse country now. :-)

    I discovered the coolest consignment/thrift store. They have furnishings and apparel, including lots of boots. I just may have to take the plunge...

  9. i think a well edited and organized closet is so much more easy to work with then one that's crammed with lots of stuff. i recently went through a major purge right before a cross country move and cut my own wardrobe down to just 1 rolling rack. of course, running a vintage shop means i have a few pieces at my disposal from time to time and i'm certainly not ashamed to dip my hand in the pot. :)

  10. ILOVE this outfit on you!!! especially the jacket!! it rocks..!! I go through my closet quite often and when I buy something I get rid of something.. kindof trading off.. LOL

  11. I actually edit my closet pretty frequently - even if its just to move some stuff to storage which I inevitably dig out a few months later with a new appreciation of!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  12. I edit twice a year. Sometimes more. It's important to be able to see everything in order to utilize the entire wardrobe.

    I love your jeans and leather jacket look here, Ally. Super flattering. I love that you're wearing pants for your feminine look since you normally interpret that with a dress or a skirt. I think this really suits just as much as the more girly looks. Love it. You continue to take risks with your wardrobe and I love it.

    Thanks for all your supportive comments about my blog. xoxo


  13. I'm loving our back and forth conversation on each others' blogs. I just realized that I don't know your name. What name do you prefer to go by?? I'm Sandy Caribou :)

  14. thanks for your sweet comment! I totally agree about the clutter, and there is no better way to celebrate yourself than to buy the right clothes :)

  15. That is a hot outfit. You look like a babe and from what I can tell - it looks like you feel like one as well.

    Does that scarf have iridescent threads in it?

    I dont edit my closet very often. But, the truth is i am not very fashionable. These days I seem to buy clothes because I need them for work, but not so much because I want to be "pretty". I used to do that but have somehow lost my way.

  16. It's so refreshing to clean out your wardrobe! I edit through my clothes every season, so 4 times a year. If I haven't worn an item in a year or so, I really have to consider whether it's worth hanging on to.

  17. Love the outfit!
    I realized that I must edit my closet. I was looking for a top and realized that I had so much stuff that I couldn't find it. I am going to take some things to consignment on Nov 16th, so I will have to get busy editing!

  18. Yes, Fuzzy, it does. It looks better in person. You can borrow it, if you want. :)

  19. I love that whole look on you so much *squeal*!

    I do an edit for season 2-4 times a year, and I also do them when I change sizes. Speaking of which, I need to do my prewinter edit and get my summer tops put away

  20. Every time I go home to Canada my sister and I tend to go through some boxes and bags and get rid of stuff. Not nearly enough though. We're sentimentally attached to a ridiculous number of things...

    But of course when living abroad I have an extremely limited wardrobe with stretches my remixing muscles somewhat! Well done for editing your wardrobe!

  21. I edit all the time and make a formal closet edit entry at the end of each month.
    I do it to keep track (in case I go crazy looking for a shirt I gave away) and also because i can compare it to what goes into the closet (the new stuff).
    The only thing is I usually wear it ONE more time before letting go - which leads to hideous, ill fitting outfits.