Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fashion Blogger's Dream

I have a stable of fashion blogs I view daily.  I will add a new blog to the mix if it's special.  I found one recently and want to share it with you.  The blog is Daily Clothes Fix.

Emma, from England, has every blogger's dream -- a personal friend (Pete) who's a professional photographer and willing to take her pictures.  Pete is amazingly talented -- he creates interesting and beautiful images.

I'm attracted to Emma's blog for the level of commitment she devotes to it.  Emma posts outfits with admirable regularity and they show a huge amount of effort by her and Pete.  Emma cares about her outfit-posts to a degree rarely found in the blogging world.

Another reason I'm attracted to Emma's blog are the fantastic backdrops she finds for her posts.  They are varied and entertaining.  The only other blogger I know who uses great backgrounds so frequently is Hungarian fashion-blogger Lidia whose blog is also worth checking out.

Here are a few more pics from Emma's blog:

Have you found any special blogs lately?  Please share!


  1. I adore when you share your favorites.

  2. Really amazing photo's and outfits!! Very inspirational! I have to find a way to turn my George into Pete!! Will start off your friends blog... then I have to find a barn in Nafplio... and start posing instead of being shy when someone takes my picture!! Thank you Shy-Have a lovely weekend dear!

  3. Looks like an amazing blog! I will for sure check it out. Thanks for sharing your favourite blogs with us =) Have a lovely weekend =)

  4. thanks sir - I'm not quite a professional but thanks for the compliment!

    It's a lot of fun working with Emma on the shoots we do - we both get a lot out of each and every one. Like you I have to bow to her committment - to say she is dedicated is an understatement.

    My advice for anyone looking for a photographer to work with is to look for a local camera club and post a message on their site asking if anyone is interested. Most amateur photographers (thats me) are always looking for projects and 'models' to work with. I would also look at flickr for anyone who shoots in your area.

    Once again thank you for your very kind words.


  5. Ralph, I am so honoured that you would write about my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am indeed very lucky to have Pete to take at least some of my outfit shots and am spoilt with the level of commitment he shows to doing shoots.

    This really made my morning so thanks again.

  6. I totally agree with you about Emma's blog. She makes great use of color and of thrifted items, plus Pete is indeed very talented.

  7. I just spoke about how impressive it is that other bloggers can post regularly! As much as I try, I just can't - work and other things are just so demanding of time!

    Love Emma too!


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  8. cute shots and oh so lucky to have a pro photographer
    My tripod is just in the beginner stage, someday maybe it will turn pro

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  9. She sure looks like she is having fun :) Will go check her out!

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