Wednesday, July 17, 2019

To The Moon, Alice

There's an expression people used to say when they were complaining. I heard it a thousand times growing up but just realized I haven't heard it in years.

The expression is: "If they can put a man on the Moon, why can't they [whatever you're whining about]."

Do you remember this?


  1. I kind of wish they would apply this to high heel shoes. Why can't they make a truly comfortable pair? They can put a man on the moon!


  2. Yes I do! And also the "to the moon, Alice"--I think is from the Honeymooners, right? I remember watching this when I was so little with my parents. My mom, who was just learning her way around the English language, learned by watching this and also the Who Shot JR show (Dallas? Dynasty??) :) LOL!!!

    1. Yup! It's what Ralph Kramden said to Alice.

  3. Oh boy, I still say this all the time! So many seemingly simple things and I just can't figure out why we can't do them if we can put people on the moon!

  4. Don't hit me, but I wasn't born yet. But I have seen it many times in school and history books! My mom remembers it. She was 11. She said my grandpa took a picture of the TV.

  5. I remember hearing this saying a lot as a kid!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Oh, I do remember the expression, Ally, even though I don't think we have the equivalent in Flemish ... Had a good chuckle at Suzanne's example ;-) xxx

  7. Since I am officially older than dirt I remember Ralph Kramden telling Alice " of these days the moon".
    Of course I remember Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren walking on the moon. It was one of many watershed moments in 1969.

  8. Yes, I do recognise that phrase but I am not sure why I do!!!x

  9. I remember that saying and you're right, haven't heard it in years!

    Jill - Doused in Pink