Wednesday, July 3, 2019


I've fallen down a rabbit-hole and don't want to leave. I'm immersed in a lengthy streaming binge on a Netflix show ("Dark") which resonates deeply with me.

I've learned to hesitate recommending entertainment to people because taste is so subjective. I'm not suggesting you watch this, just putting it on your radar in case you're inclined toward the same subjects I am.

"Dark" is a science fiction series made in Germany. That place of origin plays a big role in its appeal to me. The show is spoken in German and you can see it dubbed (wrong choice) or with English subtitles (right choice). Listening to the characters speak German resurrects the six years I spent learning that language during my youth. Wie geht es dir?

The subject of the show is time travel. Not in a superficial cheesy way but founded on actual historical texts of alchemy, hermeticism and other ancient philosophies. You can dig deep into the scientific and cultural references made and find substance. Intriguing material indeed.

The show starts in 2019, then moves 33 years earlier to 1986 (with notable changes in fashion and technology). Later the show jumps backward to 1953, then forward to 2053 and also backward to 1921. Each jump is 33 years because that's the cycle of nature when cosmic forces re-align. Everything takes place in a single small town in Germany where the characters' families have always lived.

The show is remarkable in that it has no special effects, no violence, no sex. It's drastically unlike anything else you see on the tube today. You won't recognize any of the German actors but the cast is talented and totally believable in dramatic roles.

There are two seasons out; the second was released last month. A third, final season will appear next year. At first, the show is hard to follow because there are so many characters and plots but it's worth sticking with to navigate through initial confusion. By the time you hit the second season you're fully aware of the maze of connections and entranced by where events are going.

Some of you might like "Dark," some not. It's the center of my universe right now -- at least this particular universe in the multiverse of possible existences.


  1. That sounds right up my alley - maybe one of these days we'll get Netflix! Have you seen "Safety Not Guaranteed"? It's a cool movie, also sort of about time travel.

  2. This sounds really interesting! We like a lot of the Netflix shows, especially ones that sound a little quirky like this! I'll have to suggest to Nate we check it out!

  3. Netflix always has the most interesting series. I need a new show to watch and this sounds like a good one to check out! I love the concept of time traveling!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Netflix has some good stuff out there, Ralph. I've seen the previews for this a lot. I'm currently into Greenleaf, but Dark could be my next it thing.

  5. Mir gehts gut! Und du? This sounds up my alley Ally (ha ha!) but I don't have Netflix as I am a DINOSAURR!!!! Ich liebe Deutsch!x

    1. I've decided to brush up on my German. Will get some lesson CDs from the library.

  6. Ooohhh! We may have to check this one out. Our friend Marcel is from Germany, I wonder if he would watch this? I trust your taste in entertainment!

  7. That's been on my list to watch. Lately my two surprising favorites have been Made In Heaven (on Amazon, meant to address homosexuality in India, but also gives a really beautiful look into India's multifaceted culture) and In The Dark (Hulu I think, blind civilian protagonist finds her best friend murdered, fights to find out who is responsible).

  8. I've seen this on Netflix but haven't actually stopped to watch it. Maybe once I'm done rewatching Veronica Mars!

  9. Thanks for info, its a topic I find so very interesting. I am going to see if its available in Latin America netflix.