Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Shooting Pool

With some things, paying for quality matters; with others, it doesn't. I will sacrifice for the former but economize with the latter.

I'm an enthusiastic pool-player. Not an especially skilled one, but I enjoy the game. Until recently I never used a real pool-cue, just cheap ones a small step above warped bar sticks. Then I splurged and bought a professional cue -- at a steep price -- and wondered if it would make a difference. 

Whoa! It's a magic wand! 

I can't say it makes me play better than I am but it certainly enables me play at the very limit of my ability. The stick's balance is perfect, my stroke is smooth as a lover's caress and the cue transports kinetic force directly and without waste. Using it feels like shooting pool in Heaven, where all of your shots are effortless and three-bank trick-shots go straight into the pocket.

The good news is this inspires me to play more. I'm shooting tonight with a new friend, Lonnie. If any of you want to visit a seedy pool-hall with a grungy biker, let me know and we'll hang out sometime. It's a fun game.


  1. What a fun post! I think I told you my father was a pretty decent billiards player back in the day in Paris (the pool without pockets). He was always very disappointed I wasn't much interested in learning the art from him, but he has taught me a few pointers over the years. Love these images, and that you found a new cue that is helping your game!

  2. Sounds like a good time. I know some of the best advice I ever got was to invest in things that would inspire you to do what you want to be doing.

    Like sure you can do art with a number 2 pencil and whatever construction paper you happen across, but if something fancier gets you excited to create, why not?

    1. Exactly! Whatever propels us into joyful activity.

  3. It's quite nice when investing in some quality equipment makes you more vested in that particular pursuit- at least that's how it works for me!!x