Friday, December 21, 2018

Sports Mishap

I know most of you don't follow professional hockey but here's something interesting even to non-fans.

In the sport, you can score a goal by shooting at the net and having the puck bounce off another player's stick, skate or body. That happens a lot. Pucks travel very fast and, when ricocheting, are hard for a goalie to predict their path.

Two weeks ago, in a NHL game, a player shot the puck. It hit a referee in the nuts -- right in the nuts -- and then bounced off him and dribbled into the net. Is that a goal?

NHL decided it was not. I believe they don't want to encourage players to fire hard objects at the referees' genitals. You can't blame them.

If you're not squeamish -- or male -- the event can be seen on video.


  1. Back when I used to watch hockey those kind of goals were the worst. That's when we say the puck isn't bouncing the right way.

    I'm glad they didn't count that as a goal.


  2. OMWord!!!! That must have hurt real bad!!! I am glad that it wasn't awarded as a goal!!!