Saturday, December 22, 2018

Run-up To Christmas

This is either the busiest, most pressure-filled weekend of your year or the most enjoyable, depending on how early you did your Christmas shopping and chores. Which is it for you?

For me it's the latter. My cards went out weeks ago, my gifts are bought and wrapped. Everything is done. So I had free time today to do other stuff.

I suppose I'm hard for people to grasp. I did two things today which are incongruous to many. Almost contradictory. But that's my life.

I built a motorcycle shed -- a major pain-in-the-ass. Had to lift heavy wooden boards, use power tools, measure and adjust bulky metal pieces. A manly chore.

Afterward I went inside, took a bath and painted my toenails a pretty fuschia pink. That felt as natural and fun as the other activity. I'm not masculine or feminine; I'm both. I do most things both men and women do. Few cross the border as often as I.

Do you ever do activities associated with the opposite gender? I wondered about this a few days ago when I stumbled onto a cable-TV show on women motorcycle-mechanics. How cool that gals are doing that.


  1. I think that makes you interesting and unique. It also means you have more insight than most of us.

    I'm more of a girly woman. When I was younger, like a kid, I was a bit of a tomboy but it didn't last long.


  2. You have the best of both worlds! And even though I'm quite a girly woman, I'm sure you are better at painting toenails than I am ;-) xxx

  3. I have a transgender son and we do everything! It’s bloody brilliant.

  4. I love building things - I built all of our Bombay Company furniture, including our four-poster bed. Give me a hammer and screwdrivers and a set of instructions and I'm happy.

    I got all my shopping done a couple of weeks ago - tomorrow, I'll wrap while I watch football and Vizzini "helps". :)

  5. Building a shed and painting ones toes seems like a healthy spectrum of gender related activities.
    I am impressed you built the shed. My hubby gets manicures more than I !
    I also got my shopping done early, I hate crowds and wanted to buy from brick and mortar stores .

  6. I always did and often still do more masculine activities than feminine ones. Don't know why really, when younger they attribute that ilk to being a Tomboy, I have always worked better with Male coworkers than Female ones too, they tend to be less Drama and I am such a Drama Free Mama I like the Simplicity of that. *LOL*

  7. Oh... and I am like you, I get everything done early so I can luxuriate in the Holidays and eliminate stress that isn't necessary.

  8. Hey special one … You are one awesome human being!!!!!

    I also got my shopping done early and was lucky enough not to have to make anything for Christmas lunch … we were totally indulged at the parents of my son's girlfriend!